Bike Trainer Vs Peloton – Which Is A Better Choice?

Bike Trainer Vs Peloton – Which Is A Better Choice?

A ​fitness-centric startup named Peloton has been making waves as of late, with the release of their highly acclaimed stationary bike and inclusion in some of New York’s highest-profile gyms.

The company has garnered a significant amount of media attention for its high-tech approach to traditional fitness equipment, which is marketed towards those who live or work in cities and who may not have the space or time for a traditional exercise regimen.

Today’s Peloton Bike review will focus on the quality of construction, features, performance, and overall value as compared to other stationary bikes currently available on the marketplace. The company makes some very bold claims about its product that we’ll try to back up with evidence in this in-depth review.

Bike Trainer Vs Peloton – The Main Difference

 Bike TrainerPeloton
Resistancewind, liquid or electromagneticMagnetic
PostureUpright over handlebarsUpright
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Peloton Review:
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Bike Trainer Vs Peloton – Comparing Them

Specialized Categories

A market sector has developed around stationary bikes specifically designed for indoor training, with multiple specific product types available on the market.

These include Upright Bikes (the most popular), Recumbent Bikes, and Indoor Cycles. The latter two are specialized firms that offer different riding experiences and benefits, as we’ll discuss below.

Peloton vs Trainer Types

When looking at the Peloton Bike specifically, it is most comparable to an Upright Trainer. These trainers are designed to be ridden in an upright position, simulating a road bike experience.

They usually have adjustable resistance levels and some include programmable workouts like the Peloton Bike does.

One of the main differences between an Upright Trainer and the Peloton Bike is that the Peloton has a flywheel that creates a more realistic riding experience. This flywheel also contributes to the bike’s overall weight, making it a bit harder to move around than some other types of trainers.

Indoor Cycles and Recumbent Bikes are less popular than Upright Trainers, but they offer a different riding experience that may be preferable for some riders.

Indoor Cycles use more fluid than air resistance and can simulate more realistic road biking as compared to an Upright Trainer. They’re also considered by many to be more ergonomic, as they place less stress on the body.

Trainer Bikes are designed with a reclined seating position, which takes stress off of the back and puts it on the buttocks and thighs. This can be more comfortable for some riders, but it also makes it difficult to get out of the bike in an emergency.


Bike trainers have a less precise manual resistance, whereas Peloton employs automated magnetic forces.

The bike trainer uses your pedaling efforts to power it through with very basic capabilities. The resistance is provided by magnetic currents produced by a flywheel and belt system.

It is self-sufficient in terms of power generation, therefore it does not need an external source to operate. When connected to external sources, on the other hand, it performs exceptionally.

You may select from two modes of training. One gives you complete control over the bike and lets you make resistance changes yourself.

The final alternative is to enter a session where the app gives all of the power to the program. This program automatically adjusts your bike’s performance based on what you’re doing at any given time.

To manually change the resistance on your Peloton, twist the knob that comes with the bike’s frame to your desired amount.

User Experience

It is recommended to use a smart bike trainer, such as the Neo2T because it allows you to work out while sitting at your desk. However, because you must follow certain phases in establishing it up, this is a disadvantage when compared with Peloton, which is ready to go after the first installation.

You may be interested to learn that this bike trainer no longer produces as much noise as it once did, thanks to technological progress. It now vibrates silently and never exceeds fifty decibels.

Users will be relieved to learn that this setup is foldable, so it can be stored when not in use. It’s important to be cautious while walking with one of these walkers since it weighs 20 pounds and has no handles.

After you’ve purchased a Peloton bike, it’s ready to go. Simply make sure the power is on then get on and make changes to the handlebars, saddle, pedals, and other movable components to fit your body.

Training Software:

When it comes to bike trainers, you’ll need a third-party app to liven up your indoor cycling with some excitement, but Peloton’s tech-savvy bike gives you direct access to classes and instructors.

Your smartphone should be able to connect without difficulty via Bluetooth after pairing your trainer with third-party software.

The resistance is automatically changed based on the virtual ride or training session you choose to join, with no delay. It also replicates exactly what’s shown on the screen.

To keep track of your progress and the classes offered by Peloton, you must have purchased a bike and paid for the monthly membership fee. This allows you to use the Peloton training app.

If this is not the case, you’ll be stuck with pre-programmed settings that you may utilize at any time.

When you’re not using the app, it will show you basic information like heart rate and speed. Metrics such as heart rate, cadence, resistance, and wattage may be shown on the screen while you work out but will not be accessible when you go offline.

Bike Trainer vs Peloton – An Overview

Bike Trainer Review:

Bike Trainer Review:
Bike Trainer

It is a smart bike trainer, so it’s not going to provide the same kind of experience you can get from something like a Peloton.

However, this model does have Bluetooth integration and works with the Tacx Flow application for Windows devices. This gives you some interactive classes that are designed to take place on a real bike.

The front wheel of the NEO 2 is raised so that the bike trainer can be used with a variety of bikes. It also folds up for storage when you’re not using it.

There’s a built-in interactive motor brake, and the trainer will generate between 1500 and 2500 watts of resistance to help make your workouts more challenging.

The Tacx NEO 2 is the best smart bike trainer on the market right now. It’s an interactive cycling experience that has many of the same benefits as Peloton when you pair it with Tacx Flow software and use your Windows computer.

This setup may be used whether or not the electricity is on. It only requires you to power up your pedaling movement if there is no electricity. However, it performs best when linked.

While they don’t have a console, several trainers are smart enough to work with your TV, tablet, or other third-party app loaded with preprogrammed workouts for various terrains.


  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t take much space


  • Needs to be set up every time

Peloton Review:

Peloton bike is said to be one of the best home exercise equipment for cyclists because it has many unique features that aren’t available with other indoor cycling bikes.

Since the Peloton bike is known to have an interactive screen, it means you can do much more than just cycling on your own. You can view videos of local and international professional cyclists who are sharing their expertise through videos.

The people behind this company are also making daily videos so you can have access to a lot of different types of routines. You can find everything from indoor cycling workouts to running tutorials.

In addition, the Peloton bike’s 22″ touchscreen display gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to focus on your exercises without having to worry about getting distracted by something else that is going on in your house.

No more getting up every time you need to see your next move because the company behind this bike has made it possible for you to follow along with fitness experts in real-time.

This is a big advantage over other models which only allow you to create and change the settings by following instructions on a computer screen or tablet device.

The best thing about Peloton’s technology is that it’s constantly being updated. The company claims that they are adding new content every week, so you’re not just getting one video package.

You’ll get unlimited access to both cycling and non-cycling classes, such as yoga, Pilates, and many more, by purchasing the Peloton membership.


  • 22″ Touchscreen Display
  • Wi-Fi Available


  • Takes too much space

Bike Trainer Vs Peloton – Final Verdict

The bike trainer is great for people who want something simple and easy to use. It doesn’t require a lot of space, it’s lightweight, and it can be set up in minutes. You don’t need to worry about connecting it to the internet, and it comes with a built-in interactive motor brake.

However, it doesn’t have a lot of features and you’re limited to using TACX Flow software with your Windows computer.

It’s best for people who want something that is easy to use and can create custom workouts. The Peloton bike offers many more classes than the NEO 2 and has an interactive touchscreen display that allows you to see videos in real-time.

If you prefer watching workout videos overriding on your own, this one may be the best option. However, it does require more space and is expensive since it comes with a monthly membership fee. So, if you’re looking for something simple to use but offers many perks, then the bike trainer would be a great choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it advisable to use Peloton if you suffer from back pain?

This really depends on the type of back pain you have, but generally speaking, Peloton can be used by people who suffer from lower or upper back pain.
The reason behind this is that the Peloton bike allows you to change the resistance to a level that challenges your muscles. This helps improve your fitness levels instead of constantly being in low or high gear.

Will the bike trainer or Peloton serve me better when training for a marathon?

The bike trainer would be the best choice. This is because it will train your body to operate in the same riding position you’ll use when cycling outdoors. This will enable you to utilize your preferred bike indoors.

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