How Much Do Peloton Instructors Make? [SHOCKING RESULTS]

How Much Do Peloton Instructors Make? [SHOCKING RESULTS]

During the Covid 19 Pandemic as the world shut down Peloton gained popularity when people started subscribing to online fitness classes.

With the need for instructors to take the classes, Peloton started hiring their instructors at a very good and handsome salary!

So, How Much Do Peloton Instructors Make?

As per reports, a good Peloton instructor can make a 6 figure income annually – upper limit being over $500,000! However, the payout information is not available publicly and the instructors don’t always receive a fixed salary.

Peloton Instructors earning

Peloton instructors are usually not on a fixed payroll.

Their payout structure depends on the number of classes they deliver or the pieces of content they create. So, the salary depends not only on the quality but also the quantity.

Let us give you an example of how the payout works.

We are not aware if there is a minimum number of hours that the Peloton instructor is required to put in or a minimum number of content pieces that need to be created. These calculations are based on estimates that a high-quality Peloton instructor can get $400-$800 per class.

So, if an instructor takes 1 class a day for 5 days a week, that’s 20 classes per month and about 240 classes a year. So, the typical earnings would be $400*240=$96,000.

Similarly, a well-paid instructor might earn $800*240=$192,000. The earning potential is a dynamic one depending on the number of classes delivered, instructor quality, experience, etc. Do note that these estimates are pre-tax.

Do the Peloton Instructors get a fixed salary?

Every Peloton Instructors receive a basic and fixed salary but they do get a heavy incentive for the kind of work that they do.

The money that the instructors earn is based on each class that they conduct. As a minimum every Peloton instructor needs to conduct at least 10 classes per week and if they deliver more than that they get paid accordingly.

So using the above calculation, that’s a minimum of 40 classes a month. So, the yearly payout can reach 480*$800=$384,000!!

Peloton Instructors

Are the salaries of the Peloton Instructor based on what they teach?

As a Peloton instructor no matter if you are teaching yoga, cycling, spin, thread, running, or meditation but the salaries that the Instructor gets are not based on what they teach but how many hours they teach.

The more hours they teach the more they earn. Seniority also plays an important role in getting a higher salary. The senior you are the more is your salary.

Apart from this, the salary of the instructors is also based on how qualified they are in their respective fields and their popularity and demand too.

Getting a job in Peloton has become one of the most desirable wishes of most fitness enthusiasts. People have noticed that the Instructors apart from getting highly paid by the brand have also gained huge popularity on social media.

All the Peloton instructors have got huge social media followers reaching millions which has made them big public figures too.

Their popularity on social media allows the instructors to take part in various advertising campaigns to spread awareness. They are approached by different brands for various promotional activities and events too.

Their rising popularity on Social Media and the opportunity of being the brand ambassadors of various brands gives them the chance to earn a lot of extra money.

Their increasing followers on their Social Media also make them influencers who also get to earn through various sponsorships, TV commercial promotions, and also by posting paid posts on their social media handles.

Is a Peloton instructor job permanent?

To become a Peloton instructor, one has to go through a rigorous interview process. There are a lot of auditions that need to be given along with many rounds of interviews too.

But once the candidate gets hired by Peloton, their job as an Instructor is a permanent one.

Can a Peloton instructor offer courses across fitness activities?

Yes, technically this is possible but not very common.

Mastering one activity like boxing or yoga itself is a big task and it can take years and multiple certifications to master each skill.

Most instructors usually become experts in one activity and then offer courses accordingly.

Remember, Peloton wants subject matter experts and not generalists. Being a jack of all trades might work elsewhere, but in the fitness industry, it is important to choose one niche and then master it.

According to a recent study, the 10 most popular Peloton Instructors who have the maximum followers on social media are

  1. Robin Arzón
  2. Cody Rigsby
  3. Ally Love
  4. Alex Toussaint
  5. Emma Lovewell
  6. Kendall Toole
  7. Tunde Oyeneyin
  8. Jess King
  9. Jess Sims
  10. Olivia Amoto

How to become a celebrity Peloton instructor?

Becoming a celebrity Peloton instructor takes time and can be done through offering unique courses, a growing social media following, and marketing by Peloton.

Most of the celebrity Peloton instructors are really good at their genres and by posting frequently on social media, have developed a large following! This has catapulted them to celebrity status.

If you are a current instructor at Peloton, then you need to focus on how you can make engaging courses first.

When more the number of people enroll in your courses, Peloton themselves would like to promote you.

Then you can also focus on how you will build your own brand on social media. Your social media content needs to be relevant, useful, attractive, and engaging.

Posting consistently and engaging with your followers will help you slowly build your brand and increase your overall reach. However, do remember that this is a time-consuming process unless you can make your content go viral!

How does Peloton make money?

Peloton started off as a hardware company selling fitness bikes. But it has come a long way and now it makes its money from

  • Selling fitness hardware
  • Selling subscriptions

Fitness hardware – a big share of the revenue that Peloton generates comes from their hardware sales.

This includes the Peloton Bike, Peloton Bike+, Peloton Treat, Peloton Tread+ and free weights. Along with these Peloton also offers numerous accessories like the Peloton shoes, apparel, accessories, installation, and maintenance plans.

Peloton Subscriptions

Subscription – This is probably the fastest-growing segment for Peloton and includes the revenue they generate from their App subscriptions and the all-access membership plan for their hardware.


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