Life Fitness IC5 Vs Peloton – Which is a better one?

Life Fitness IC5 Vs Peloton – Which is a better one?

Running (or any form of exercise) is considered to be an essential part of life, for it promotes physical well-being and mental relaxation. Traditionally, a workout would be done through a quick jog around the park or a visit to the local gym.

Nowadays, there are so many options available that only tend to complicate things further for us. One such option is indoor cycling or spinning as it is commonly known. In this article, we shall compare two of the most popular products in this category, namely Life Fitness IC5 Indoor Cycle Trainer vs. Peloton Bike.

Life Fitness IC5 Vs Peloton – The Main Difference

Bike ModelLife Fitness IC5Peloton
ScreenBacklit LCD22-inch LCD
PedalsSPD and Toe-cagedSPD compatible
Flywheel9 pounds30 pounds
ResistanceMagnetic with up to 100 levelsMagnetic with up to 100 levels
Training AppICG TrainingPeloton
Weight Supported 330 lbs 297 lbs
Life Fitness IC5 Review
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Peloton Bike Review:
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Life Fitness IC5 Vs Peloton – Comparing Them


Both the Life Fitness and Peloton bike have quite large displays. However, they differ in some important aspects:

The Life Fitness IC5 comes with a backlit LCD screen that runs on batteries and includes pre-installed workouts to calculate your training intensity and heart rate.

The IC5 also brought a new feature known as Coach by Color, which highlights color changes to show your performance in five distinct hues. The console may be linked to the ICG training program and displays vital training data.

The IC5 comes with a wireless chest strap, and the heart rate can be shown on the console or projected onto another screen using Bluetooth.

The Heavy Peloton has a 22-inch big LED screen that connects to the Peloton training software and provides access to some of the world’s top trainers. Their training programs are extensive, and you’ll never be bored training on the Peloton.

Peloton’s screen is significantly larger than the Life Fitness IC5, and their instructors and software are more engaging and participatory.


The IC5 uses a two-way pedal system that provides both forward and backward pedaling. The rear wheel has a quick-release mechanism, so you can effortlessly detach it. You have the option of riding on the flat surface rather than being pulled by the front wheel if you want to ride normally without pedaling.

Peloton has some unique pedals with three clip-ins on them, which means you’ll need to spend an extra $ in cycling shoes with three cleats to secure your footing. Any sports shoe will do with Life Fitness IC5.

If you prefer a different brand of pedals, or if you like to cycle on certain styles, you may replace the pedals on these bikes with those of your choosing. The Peloton can support up to 297 pounds while the IC5 can carry up to 330 pounds.

Choose the IC5 if you want versatile pedals that are well-spaced and take into account the small q-factor for further comfort.


The IC5 is equipped with a ploy-V belt drive system, which necessitates weekly manual adjustments because it does not stretch. This system is securely positioned at the back of the bike to avoid sweat from contaminating vital components of the machine.

The magnetic resistance on IC5 ranges from 0 to 100 resistance level and the adjustments are accomplished using a lever that is built into the handlebars of the bike. For Peloton, resistance can be adjusted via touchscreen.

The Fitness equipment company Life Fitness has a line of exercise bikes that is called the IC series. This machine is powered by a fan gear system, which allows for low resistance and high RPMs. The bike features adjustable handlebars that are curved and non-slip. They allow many users to customize their handlebars to match their form, height,

The Peloton handlebars are soft and a bit too thin, yet they do provide a pleasant cushioning with their stacked form.

The seats on IC5 and Peloton can also be adjusted, and if you don’t like the levels of comfort, they may be completely removed. The handlebar height, seat post, seat back position, and angle may all be altered with both bikes.

The IC5 handlebars have a beautiful curved design and include a handy resistance adjustment knob.

Life Fitness IC5 Vs Peloton – An Overview

Life Fitness IC5 Review

Life Fitness IC5
Life Fitness IC5

The Life Fitness IC5 is a heavy-duty steel frame bike with adjustable handlebars that are adaptable for people of all sizes. The bike’s form is designed to pull perspiration towards the front of the bike to protect the exposed bearings from overheating.

A belt drivetrain with a 9-pound light flywheel provides quiet operation. Unlike a chain drive system, the belt drive mechanism is low-maintenance and does not require regular oiling.

The resistance can be varied using a lever conveniently positioned on the handlebars for easier access in training. The IC5’s seats are also completely adjustable, and while they’re intended to be comfortable, you may upgrade them if they aren’t enough.

The IC5 comes with curved and adjustable handlebars, providing limitless customization possibilities. The multi-grip bars provide for a more comfortable riding experience.

This bike comes with both cassette and chainrings. The IC5 has an adjustable handlebar stem that you can move up or down to change the height of your bars. It also includes a tension knob on the right side that helps you adjust the tightness of the cables. This bike features single-sided pedals with choices for riding in normal gym shoes

Sync with a compatible monitor using Bluetooth to track your heart rate and link it with phones, TVs, and tablets.


  • Has ICG Training App
  • Adjustable seat as well as handlebars
  • Magnetic resistance with 100 levels
  • Bluetooth connectivity available


  • Price is quite high

Peloton Bike Review:

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Peloton Bike

This bike has a sleek steel frame and a 32-pound flywheel. This wheel has 100 levels to adjust the magnetic resistance.

It’s possible to manually change the resistance using a dial or touchscreen, but because of the huge selection, it might be difficult to notice a difference or even swiftly adjust your settings during training.

The handlebars are a bit flexible but also a little too thin, providing a pleasant cushioning with their nested design.

Because this bike uses the clip-in mechanism, its pedals might be difficult to use and may result in additional expenditures for individuals who do not already own a pair of cycling shoes. This is fantastic because you can pull up in the biking motion far more easily once you have a securely locked footing, which is excellent for glutes and hamstrings.

Unfortunately, the Peloton bike is locked in place and does not incline or decline. There’s no way to modify the cycling experience by changing the angle of inclination or declination.


  • Seat is comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Connectivity with Bluetooth


  • Manual adjustment
  • No heart rate monitor
  • Lacks incline or decline

Life Fitness IC5 Vs Peloton – Final Verdict

Life Fitness IC5 has the greatest value for money because of the features and benefits it offers, however, Peloton makes a compelling case in terms of the diversity of highly engaging and interactive classes with inspiring trainers. Their huge screen also enhances the riding experience and makes them a more desirable option.

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