Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700c Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano Review 2022

Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700c Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano  Review 2022

Looking for a Road Bike (Bicycle) that will keep you flowing smoothly and comfortably throughout your journey or wherever you want to go? After testing The Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed, a 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle with Shimano Shifter, I have found out that it is a great road bike for beginners. Below I have given the Merax Finiss Road Bike’s unbiased Review.

This Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700C Road Bike Racing Bicycle is a 28 Pound lightweight bicycle. Its frame is made up of sturdy aluminum and strong enough to bear riders weighing up to 330 pounds.

Moreover, the Finiss Bicycle is available in 2 different color schemes and three different sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large, measuring 50 cm, 54 cm, and 56 cm, respectively. The Merax Finiss Road Bike’s color schemes come in two designs: yellow and gray and black, red and white. Both designs are attractive. Besides, they are ideal for men and women.

Merax Finiss Aluminium 21 Speed 700C Features : 

Merax Finiss Aluminium 21 Speed 700C Features

The Merax Road Bike is a lightweight bike with excellent speed, handling, and durability. The bike comes in either 22 or 20 speeds depending on the model. For that reason I’ve gone through all of the characteristics and listed them below:

Size And Color : 

This Merax Finiss Road Bike comes in three different sizes that are fit for men and women: small, medium, and large, measuring 50 cm, 54 cm, and 56 cm, respectively.

You must know that the seat is also adjustable and can be shortened and lengthened, depending on how comfortable you feel while riding. It should be kept in a position so that you can easily stretch to reach the handlebars.

It’s my opinion that you go through the bike size chart to get a road bike according to your height and reach. As I already mentioned above, it comes with a lovely color combination that takes the Merax Aluminum Speed Road Bike look to another level.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame Fork : 

The Merax finiss Road Bike has a lightweight frame, sturdy 6061 aluminum frame, known as one of the durable frames not as heavy as steel. The strong 6061 aluminum frame allows riders to ride in rough terrains with a smooth and comfortable journey. As aluminum resists corrosion, you can also enjoy outside on a rainy day; rain would cause no damage to your road bike.

21 Speed Options :

Road bikes having multiple speeds is an excellent advantage for riders to enjoy smooth riding. The Merax Finiss Road Racing Bicycle is also one of the road bikes having these various speed options, and riders can change the gears according to the terrain on which they are riding.

These 21-speed bikes have three gears on the front wheel and seven on the rear, which may be adjusted while cycling. It’s not hard to swap the gears at all, and you can change between those that feel most natural to you.

Shifting Of Gears Easy : 

Shifting Of Gears Easy

Modern Road bikes use modern smooth gear shifting techniques: the Shimano Shifter and Shimano Derailleur, making gear shifting a lot easier.

The Road Bike has two types of Shimano rd tz50 Shifters. The rear derailleur is a Shimano RD-TZ50, while the front derailleur is a Shimano TZ-31. Because the Shimano feature is user-friendly, you won’t have to worry about gear shifting.

Standard Brakes And Rims : 

Standard Brakes And Rims

A reasonable budget entry-level road bike must have brakes and rims of good quality. This 700C aluminum is one of the Entry Level Bikes having aluminum caliper brakes and Aluminum Caliper rims. These have excellent stopping power, and you have reasonable control over the road bike while cycling. The rims are also of good quality and make the road bike worth buying and justify the price.

Free Pannier Bag :

Free Pannier Bag

This merax finiss road bike comes with a free pannier bag. Now you can carry items with you while going out on an adventure. If you are a traveler and go on outings a lot, this is an excellent feature for putting all your items while on the road. Pannier bags can be attached on the front wheel’s side on the tire or the rear. These bags are specially designed for road bikes to carry extra weight with you, but it is essential to know that it has a specific weight limit.

Well Designed Tires : 

The merax finiss road bike Tires come with 700C, which helps riders enjoy a smooth ride while riding on rough terrains. This is a good sign for riders to ride on any terrain without worrying that their tires may get worn out. It’s not a bad feature for someone who likes to take risks and live Dangerously.

Assembly Information:

The front wheel of the bike must be put together. This may be achieved by rotating the fork at a 180-degree angle. Merax road bikes have quick-release front wheels, so no tools are required for assembly. You just secure the front wheel to the bike with a pin, making it simple and fast to complete. You should also put on the pedals and make sure they are fully tightened.

Again, this isn’t a difficult procedure that can be completed with minimal effort. Both pedals are clearly labeled L (Left Pedal) and R (Right Pedal), so you’ll know which goes where. You will adjust the seat to your height after it has been fitted by you. For those who are used to riding bicycles and purchasing them, this should not be difficult at all.

Customers have advised that the gearing and brakes be adjusted to meet your demands. Some buyers recommend taking it to a bike shop for proper tuning to ensure that the gears are correctly positioned. If you want, you may simply watch videos on the Merax website on how to properly fit your gearset

Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700c Road Bike Racing Bicycle Shimano

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Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700c Road Bike
ColorGray & Green / Red & Black
Number of Speeds21
Brake StyleCaliper
Frame MaterialAluminum
Product Specs

Important Features : 

  • Lightweight having sturdy 6061 aluminum frame
  • Aluminum kickstand
  • 700C steel thread less Fork
  • Shimano Derailleur Shifters for reliable shifting quick release
  • Caliper brakes
  • Wheels Durable


  • Set up is easy.
  • Lightweight Bike.
  • Color schemes of three colors of two different combinations.
  • Speed Options are multiple.
  • Entry-level road bike perfect for commuting.
  • Resists corrosion.


  • Brakes will possibly need to be changed after.
  • Will take you some time in understanding the gear adjustment.

Final Verdict : 

If you are a person who enjoys riding daily and also a beginner, who needs a bicycle at an affordable price having full features then,

The Merax Finiss 21 Speed 700C racing bicycle is the best option for you. It is also an entry-level road bike consisting of multiple speeds, durable tires, and smooth running.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wheel is a quick release?

Only the front wheel is a quick release.

What is the weight limit for this bike?

The Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700c road bike’s weight limit is a maximum of 330 lbs, but the average is 220 lbs.

Does this bike come already assembled?

No! It does not come assembled, but you only have to assemble the seat and the front wheel, which is not that difficult.

My height is about 6ft tall. Can I ride this bike?

Yes! Merax Finiss Aluminum 21 Speed 700c road bike is available in different sizes. So you can buy according to your height.

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