Pinarello Vs Cervelo : Which Should You Buy And Why?

Pinarello Vs Cervelo : Which Should You Buy And Why?

Pinarello and Cervelo bikes both were revolutionary in their way. Pinarello which was founded two decades before the Cervelo company is a historic brand producing bicycles with high-end technology. The company teamed up with Ferrari to design the technical aspects of their bicycle frames and has continued to do so enthusiastically to this very day. The Pinarello bikes are prized by professional cyclists and triathletes.

Cervelo was founded much after Pinarello and their technologically advanced products have made them one of the leading manufacturers of excellent bicycle frames and components. Cervelo continues to push its technological development boundaries with each model that it introduces. Cervelo has also been associated with Ferrari for the design of certain Cervelo models.

 Pinarello Dogma F12
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Cervelo S5 Road Bike Ultegra Di2 
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Pinarello Vs Cervelo – Sharing common characteristics

Pinarello and Cervelo both are known for their top-notch quality bicycles that are ridden by professional cyclists. Both manufacturers emphasize superior quality control systems for the production of the high-performance frames and components that they produce. Both companies have also made their way into the professional triathlon circuit, sponsoring many of the top athletes. The common characteristic that they share is their dedication to producing only the finest product possible and the will to continue innovating technological aspects for future model cycles.

The classic Pinarello Dogma 65.1 was introduced in 2003 as a reaction against the standard of the time. It had an innovative design, and it was designed to use high-tech materials such as carbon fiber to offer lighter weight but a stiffer racing frame for professional cyclists. It is suitable for cyclists who like rough roads and like to go fast. Pinarello has introduced some of the most impressive aero bikes over the years, and one of our favorites is the Dogma F12 Road Bike.

Cervelo is one of the leading manufacturers of triathlon bikes. Its P3 Carbon Triathlon Frameset was the first commercial triathlete bike that used carbon fiber to construct its frame. It has remained one of the highest quality bikes with features such as a tapered head tube, adjustable stack height. This allows users to adjust their position on the bike. Cervelo also introduced designs such as the bottom bracket that uses high-end composite material to resist corrosion caused by road salt and sweat during demanding rides.

Pinarello Dogma F12 Vs Cervelo S5 Road Bike Ultegra Di2 – The Main Comparison


The Pinarello Frame is made of high-performance Torayca T1100 material which makes the frame much lighter than other bikes in its category. The design also includes an innovative component called the i-BOX system, an internal structure for improved aerodynamics and lateral stiffness. Moreover, it has a 4th Dimension cooling system that uses airflow on the inside of the frame and minimizes skin temperature.

The Cervelo S5 has a composite material called HMX, made from unidirectional carbon fiber that is created through new molding technology. The HMX allows for enhanced stiffness and aerodynamics as well as enhanced impact resistance than carbon fiber. It also has internal cable routing that makes the bike look neat. The bike is designed with a single tube concept that allows one to customize the frame to suit their needs and preferences.


The Pinarello has Shimano Ultegra Di2 components with dual control levers for shifting and braking. It also includes a power meter (an option where you can pay more) which allows the rider to track his/her performance over time.

The Cervelo Road Bike is only available in one version which has Shimano Ultegra components. It also includes power meter technology for recording data regarding energy expenditure during the ride. Cervelo uses rim brakes while Pinarello uses disc brakes.

The Performance Comparison:


Both bikes are designed to achieve high-speed performance, but the Cervelo S5 has a heavier weight than the Pinarello F12. We recommend wearing light clothing and accessories if you want to increase speed.


The Cervelo S5 bike is lighter than the Dogma F12 Bike because of its lower carbon fiber frame weight, but it also requires special care when transporting.


Both bikes use high-end technology to provide easy shifting, but the Cervelo S5 uses electronic shifting with Shimano Ultegra Di2 technology, which makes it easier to shift gears while riding at any speed. Pushing a button allows you to shift up or down without moving your hands (but it requires setting up when you first buy the bike, so it is not recommended for beginners).

The Pinarello F12 uses hydraulic shifting which makes shifting easier by pushing or pulling one of the brake levers. It is also faster to shift gears with the mechanical system compared to electronic systems. However, there are some issues with mechanical systems (e.g. cables) but the system is less expensive than electronic systems

Riding Experience:

The two bikes provide a comfortable riding experience and high ride quality. However, Cervelo road bikes are designed with an increased reach. This allows you to move your hands a little bit more forward and closer to the stem.

The Pinarello is lighter than other bicycles in its category, but it does have a longer wheelbase which may cause some issues while riding.

Shifting gears on the Pinarello is quite easy because of its mechanical system. However, it can be difficult if you are riding at high speed or traveling over uneven ground. The Cervelo uses electronic shifting which makes the shifting process easier and faster than other bikes in its category.

The Cervelo S5 bike is only available in one version that has electronic shifting, but you can choose between different sizes to fit your body type. The Pinarello comes in three standard shapes but you have the option to customize it based on your preference.

Pinarello Vs Cervelo – Overview

Pinarello Review:

Pinarello Dogma F12

Pinarello Dogma F12
Pinarello Dogma F12
Bike TypeRoad Bike
Frame MaterialCarbon Fiber
Brake StyleDisc

Pinarello is an Italian company that is known for its high-quality and high-performance bikes. The company was founded in 1952 by Giulio Pinarello and made a name for itself in Italy. The Pinarello brand produces some of the best carbon fiber frames used in bicycles today which can also be found in professional competitions such as Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta an España, and more. Pinarello is known to use innovative technology in their bicycles so that riders can get the most comfortable riding experience possible. It also offers other models such as mountain

The company uses top-of-the-line carbon fiber materials on their frames (e.g. Toray T1100 1K Dream Carbon Fiber) because it lasts longer than other types and it is designed to reduce vibrations and shocks.


  • The classic lugged frame
  • Extremely quick energy transmission
  • 28mm tires and disc brakes


  • Vibration transferred through the saddle and Seatpost

Cervelo Review

Cervelo S5 Road Bike Ultegra Di2 

Brand Cervelo
Frame MaterialCarbon
Fork-TypeAero UltraLight
Gear set-BrandShimano

Since 1996, this manufacturer of bicycles has been selling bikes. They were developed in Canada and presented to the public during a Bike Show in Toronto. The company is known for its highly innovative designs and top-quality bicycles. Some of the features that are common among bikes produced by this brand are carbon seatpost (which reduces vibrations), integrated brake cables, and different handlebars.

The Cervelo bikes are designed with aerodynamics in mind because the company believes that better aerodynamics = faster cycling. All of Cervelo’s bikes are designed with the R5 Geometry, which is meant to provide better aerodynamics, stability, and efficiency.

R-series road bikes, S-series aero bikes, and P-series for all triathlons and professional cycling are among the models

These bicycles are the most popular in the triathlon market. They have a more upright geometry with lowered downtubes that hide behind the front wheels and protect the seat stays.

By using oversized tubing and 11mm extended to the left, the bikes are designed to be stronger and lighter.


  • Dura-Ace Di2 Components
  • Handlebars are fast


  • Wheels are average

Pinarello Vs Cervelo – The Verdict

Both bikes are leading products in their categories and they both use high-end technology, but it depends on what you want to do with the bike. The Pinarello Dogma F12 performs well in any use whether it is racing, training, or just cruising around town. It has high-speed performance but it also requires careful handling to avoid frame damage due to its top-performance standards.

The Cervelo S5 is designed for beginners and users who are looking for ride comfort with reasonable speed. The bike is light, but it also requires careful handling if you want to avoid accidents. It provides a comfortable ride at any speed and can be used for commuting or racing.

However, the Cervelo S5 costs more than the Pinarello Dogma F12 and it has a lower speed component (the Dogma F12 has Frame and Fork carbon fiber, vs S5 which contains HMX material).

As we stated before the Cervelo S5 is an ideal bike for beginners because it gives you less tension during riding. It provides a comfortable ride at any time and if you like track racing this is the most suitable option for you.

The Pinarello Dogma F12 is more advantageous because it has a lower price and it also gives you less tension during riding. The Cervelo S5 costs almost four times as much as the Dogma F12). Both bikes are customizable and they both use high-end technology, but the Cervelo S5 also requires special care (it is more easily damaged than the Dogma F12). Light clothing and accessories can help you achieve faster speeds.

The performance of each bike depends on your preferences and level of experience:

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