Precor AMT 100i Vs 835 – Which Is A Better Version?

Precor AMT 100i Vs 835 – Which Is A Better Version?

Precor AMT 100i treadmill has been a staple of Precor’s lineup since the early 2000s. It has always been priced slightly below their flagship model, AMT 835. Their price difference is mainly because AMT100i doesn’t have a strength training facility built into it. However, from this point on I am not inclined to bother with mentioning these basic specs.

I will focus purely on the features and user experience they provide, rather than just comparing them based on how many bells and whistles they have. Precor AMT 835 is the best-selling treadmill of all time, so it seems obvious that its most affordable model would still be a very smart choice.

Precor AMT 100i Vs 835 – The Main Difference

 AMT 100iAMT 835
Resistance20 levels Magnetic20 levels Magnetic
Stride length2736
Heart Rate MonitorBuy wireless heart rate strapOn handlebars
Training Programs4 pre-set6 pre-set
Precor AMT 100i Review:
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Precor AMT 835 Review:
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Precor AMT 100i Vs 835 – Comparing Them


To make them more rust-resistant, the steel used in their manufacture is powder-coated twice.

The Precor AMT 100i and AMT 835 look quite similar. The difference is most noticeable when you start comparing their console systems. 100i uses a small screen with strictly basic functionality, while 835 has one of the most advanced consoles in the industry.

As we will see later on, this is by no means an entirely negative thing (and AMT 835 is more expensive anyway). Although AMT 100i is very simple in design, it still manages to be very eye-catching.

All of the ellipticals in the AMT category feature automatically variable speed and motion based on how hard you work out. This quick adaptation eliminates any need for manual changes, allowing you to work out without interruption.

They also have a stride dial that shows which muscles were used and the amount of work done during each step, which changes with each stride change.

The contralateral movement provided by AMT devices allows your arm and leg motions to be in sync, resulting in excellent harmony and balance as you exercise. This dual-action delivers a full-body workout for everyone, regardless of size or fitness level.

Both the 100i and 835 have toe pedals with toe caps, and they both offer the same fitness benefits. The toe caps make it easier for your feet to reach the pedals, making exercise more comfortable and enjoyable.

The user weight capacity of Precor AMT 100i is about 350 pounds, which is expected for a treadmill of this price range. AMT 835 can hold up to 400 pounds, but they are close in that regard.

Both of these AMT variants include stride dials and contralateral movements, ensuring that you get a full-body workout.

Stride Length

The stride length on the Precor 100i ranges from zero to 27 inches, while the 835 has a range of zero to 32 inches. The stride length is generally considered the most significant factor when measuring treadmills since it makes a big difference in the number of calories you burn.

The stride height on the Precor AMT 835 allows for an easier transition from off to on the training platform, and it’s included in this model. It is adjustable from 6.8 to 10 inches for this elliptical, but the 100i does not.

Both Precor AMT models come with a 15-inch touchscreen LCD. The unit’s control buttons, dome keys, and a number pad are all on the front. The screen will show data relating to your calories burned, stride length, resistance level, heart rate, and other factors based on your training.

The two models have a sensor on the handlebars to measure and monitor their heart rates very accurately. On the 100i model, you may only work out for 240 minutes, but there is no limit on the 835 models.

Both AMT models have an anti-slip surface that allows you to move freely and even jump on them without any worries. The traction on the 835 models is somehow better: it has non-skid material at the bottom, and it is firmer than on AMT 100i.

They both include rubber pads underneath their bases which prevent slipping and protect your flooring from scratches. Unfortunately, they may be a bit uncomfortable for people with sensitive feet since they can sometimes bother you throughout an entire workout.

When looking at AMT 100i and 835, we see that the features and user experience they provide are very similar.

Although the Capacity Plus 835 is lighter than the 100i, it takes up a lot more storage area due to its larger foundation and a wider base.

The stride length of the AMT 835 is longer, allowing for greater height adjustment of the stride.

Precor AMT 100i Vs 835 – An Overview

Precor AMT 100i Review:

 Precor AMT 100i
Precor AMT 100i

The AMT 100i is a low-end model that works based on magnetic resistance. The design is very simple, which makes it ideal for entry-level users. The elliptical has both upper body arms and lower leg pedals with toe caps that enhance safety and comfort during workouts.

It features computerized monitor displays so you can track your progress throughout the exercise.

The adaptive motion that the AMT 100i’s major purpose, allows you to do a variety of different strides. Long strides give you the sensation of running on sand, while short steps have you jogging on a treadmill.

You won’t get bored when you use this exercise bike that adjusts to your energy because it has an automatically adjusted rhythm that reflects your mood. It’s designed to fit all shapes and sizes, making it a wonderful choice for active families.

The vertical climber will have you working out your lower and upper bodies at the same time, making it an excellent choice for people who want to build muscle.

Ideally, AMT’s were created with adaptability and comfort in mind, which is why they’re ideal for anybody suffering from arthritis, muscular discomfort, back or neck pain. It provides a smooth motion that glides easily away from any pressure on the painful regions.


  • 20 resistance levels
  • Wirelessly monitors your heart rate
  • Adjustable stride length up to 27-inches


  • Only 4 pre-sets available

Precor AMT 835 Review:

Precor AMT 835
Precor AMT 835

AMT 835 is an advanced machine for users who want a little bit more than the basic model. Resistance levels and various programs it has, along with its 3-D arm workouts and different stride options make it appealing to regular users.

The 835 models include all of the same great features as the 100i has: an anti-slip base, wireless heart rate monitor, and a digital display to help you track your progress. The 835 model has 20 levels of resistance with five safety sensors for increased safety.

Along with its dual-action arms that work similar to an elliptical, it also includes rear flywheels that replace the pedals on traditional Precor machines. All you have to do is keep your feet above the pedals, and the flywheels will take over for that part of an exercise.

The 835 models include a wider base that improves stability to prevent tipping when multiple users are exercising simultaneously. The extension handlebars give additional support for flexible upper body workouts, making it easier for you to get the most out of your exercise routine.

This unit allows you to mix up your workouts with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, which are known for being strenuous. This is the finest way to lose weight, stay in shape, and avoid joint and muscular pain according to many.

The stride length can be adjusted, allowing for a more varied experience and the unit matches this movement in resistance perfectly every time. AMT 835 comes with three training programs to add variety to their workouts.

You may choose between a manual or automatic treadmill. This option allows for enhanced versatility in terms of exercise selections and customization. The incline height and resistance rate may be controlled on this mode. Interval training makes you work out harder while enhancing your cardiovascular system.

The last alternative is the heart rate program, which allows you to set your maximum heart rate and receive a warning if you go over it. This is particularly handy if you have any special medical instructions.

This model has a water bottle holder, phone holder, and transport wheels for easier transportation and storage.


  • 20 magnetic resistance levels
  • Large LED monitor
  • For all sizes and ages
  • Adjustable strides up to 36 inches


  • Bluetooth not available
  • No steel hill climbs

Precor AMT 100i Vs 835 – Final Verdict:

Both of the AMT models are high-quality and include advanced features that make training easier. The price difference, however, comes from an increased number of resistance levels (20).

AMT 835 is designed to deliver a better workout because it has more features. It will prove to be more useful for people who like variety, interval training, and heart rate control. 

AMT 100i provides a reasonable workout with limited exercise alternatives. However, it’s the most suitable choice if you are looking for an affordable machine that doesn’t have too many additional gadgets. It is suitable for most users because of its adjustable stride length and lower price tag.

The basic model will make a worthwhile purchase for you if you want to improve your health and stay physically fit. However, the advanced one is the ultimate choice for those who don’t mind its expense and additional features.

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