Precor AMT 835 Vs 885 – What is the Best Option for You?

Precor AMT 835 Vs 885 – What is the Best Option for You?

Precor is one of the biggest names in the fitness equipment industry. They’ve been around for over 30 years, and continue to be one of the leading manufacturers of treadmills, ellipticals, strength training machines, and home gyms. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 835 and 885, two models from Precor’s AMT line.

Precor AMT 835 Vs 885 – What Are The Differences?


BrandPrecor Precor
Item Dimensions LxWxH80 x 69 x 35 inches78 x 28 x 73 inches
Item Weight412 Pounds455 Pounds
Best PickPrecor AMT 835 Review:
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Precor AMT 885 Review:
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Both these two treadmills have a 15″ LCD and are slightly bigger with a larger deck surface (20 x 60 inches). Both of these machines feature:

PaceMaster– a program that reminds you to move your legs at the proper speed

CompuTrainer- which allows you to mount any compatible resistance device (treadmill or elliptical) on top of the treadmill

Compatible with iFit Life – IFTTT for cardio machines. Allows you to connect the console to your smartphone, computer, and other devices. iFit Live uses WIFI to connect with your device and upload data instantly to their server

Precor AMT 835 Vs 885 – Comparing Them

The Design:

This is a sturdy and well-built piece of equipment made by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.  It’s designed to provide you with an intense workout and has a built-in performance monitor to help you track your progress. The AMT 835 AR is designed for home use – it doesn’t fold up and can’t be stored away easily.  

This isn’t a huge problem though, because the machine itself is not that big anyway. You may find that exercise space will become an issue if you’re planning on doing other workout routines too because the machine can get in your way.

There are a couple of things that I find annoying about the design though – first off, it’s quite noisy when you’re rowing.  I don’t know how much this bothers other people, but whenever I’m using an exercise machine, I prefer it to be quiet.  

The noise doesn’t just affect you – it can distract anyone else in the house who’s trying to watch TV or read a book. Some people also complain that the seat becomes uncomfortable after several hours of rowing, but this is something that almost every air resistance rower suffers from (no matter what the price).

Overall, the design isn’t anything special – it certainly won’t turn heads. However, it does its job and provides you with a very effective rowing workout. I don’t think Precor had aesthetics in mind when they designed this rower – they just wanted to produce a machine that works well.

Stride Length:

The open stride length of AMT 835 ranges from zero to 36-inches, which is fairly standard for an air resistance rower. If you’re tall, you may find that the stride feels too short. The zero-inch setting allows you to use the machine as a standing desk – depending on your height, this might be useful to you. resistance rowers.

If you’re not comfortable with that length of stride, then I’d advise you to buy a different model. Most people find these settings perfectly manageable though – although some other machines offer even more flexibility for taller users.

While the AMT 885 stride length ranges from zero to 27-inches which is less than that in the 835, it may be more than you need.

If either of these settings is too low for you, then I’d advise you to look at the AMT 835 instead.  The stride length also differs when you’re rowing in line with these two models.


The Precor 885 is a motorized treadmill that, like the 835, is an adaptive motion trainer (AMT). In reality, these two models are quite similar.

The console is what sets them apart. The 835 has a P30 console, whereas the 885 has a P80. A docking station for older iPods and iPhones and a 15-inch touch capacitive LCD are included on the P80.

A second distinction is the maximum duration of a workout. While the 835 has no limit on how long you can work out at once, the 885 has a maximum duration of 120 minutes.

The final distinction between these two trainers is the weight of the machine. Because they are both commercial-grade trainers, they aren’t meant to be moved about. The 885 weighs 455 pounds, whereas the 835 comes in at a more reasonable 412 pounds.

The stride length and height may be altered. These activities will focus on different muscle groups. As you twist the Stride Dial on the console, it will indicate which ones you’re focusing on.

The console will also display vital information like calories burned per minute, as well as overall, and time remaining.

Finally, the Precor 885 protects your joints from impact while still providing a wide range of challenges to keep you sweating. It has been subjected to testing by Western Washington University’s Biomechanics Lab and has proven to satisfy a broad range of users while maintaining exceptional stability and mobility.

Precor AMT 835 AND 885 – An Overview

Precor AMT 835 Review:

Best Pick
Precor 835 AMT Elliptical
Precor 835 AMT Elliptical

The AMT 835 is an intermediate machine for individuals who want more than the basic model. It has multiple resistance levels and programs, as well as 3-D arm workouts and stride alternatives that appeal to frequent users.

The 835 versions include all of the same fantastic features as the 885. The anti-slip base, wireless heart rate sensor, and digital display to aid you in tracking your progress are all included. With five safety sensors for enhanced protection, the 835 model has 20 levels of resistance with a built-in five-point safety harness.

It has rear flywheels that take the place of the pedals on standard Precor machines, in addition to twin-action arms that mimic an elliptical. All you have to do is keep your feet above the pedals, and the flywheels will take care of the rest of your workout.

The 835 versions feature a wider base to guarantee that they don’t tip when several people are working out at the same time. The extension handlebars provide additional support for flexible upper-body exercises, allowing you to get the most out of your exercise session.

This unit allows you to mix up your workouts with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises, which are known for being strenuous. This is the finest way to lose weight, stay in shape, and avoid joint and muscular pain according to many.

The stride length is adjustable, allowing for a more customized workout and the machine matches this shift in intensity precisely every time. Three training programs are included with AMT 835 to help users stay motivated during their exercises.


  • 20 magnetic resistance levels
  • Large LED monitor
  • For all sizes and ages
  • Adjustable strides up to 36 inches


  • Bluetooth not available
  • No steel hill climbs

Precor AMT 885 Review:

Precor AMT 885
Precor AMT 885

While the 885 machine has an identical feature set and body shape to the 835, it does have a P30 console. This console includes additional features like an online health and wellness center with instructional training videos and fitness plans based on your personal goals.

The 15-inch touch capacitive LCD makes it easy to find your workout data, but the wireless heart rate monitoring system is particularly useful during your workout. It’s helpful for tracking your progress and finding out which exercises are most effective at burning calories or building endurance.

Precor created this model especially to appeal to frequent users with its three stride alternatives, including classic, high step, and low step. These options ensure that you can work up a sweat no matter your size or fitness ability.

The flywheels also increase the machine’s durability and give it the feeling of riding on a flat road with very mild resistance.


  • 20 resistance levels
  • Quickstart
  • Touchscreen LCD


  • 27-inch open stride

Precor AMT 835 Vs 885 – Final Verdict

While these machines will appeal to different types of users, they both have a lot in common. They’re built for high performance and durability, while also remaining comfortable enough to keep you coming back day after day.

The Precor AMT 835 is an excellent machine for intermediate users who want all the same features as the 885.

The 835 models are designed for weight loss, helping you burn calories and manage your heart rate to get in the most fit shape of your life.

Precor AMT 885 is a great gift idea for any fitness enthusiast. It has more features than almost any other machine on the market, but it’s also pricey when compared to the 835.

The 885 is undoubtedly one of the highest-quality machines around, but many users will find that it’s overkill for their needs. Because of this lack of functionality, we recommend the Precor AMT 835 as our top pick.​

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