How to Put on Peloton Shoes and Clip Into the Pedal? [QUICK GUIDE]

How to Put on Peloton Shoes and Clip Into the Pedal? [QUICK GUIDE]

So, you have just bought your first Peloton bike and are super excited to start your fitness regime! You might have also ordered a brand new pair of Peloton shoes but have no idea about how to use them with the bike.

So, here is a detailed guide to using the Peloton shoes with the Peloton.

So, How to Put on Peloton Shoes and Clip Into the Pedal?

To put on the Peloton shoes and to clip them into the pedal, you will have to first install cleats and then fix the shoes onto the cleats on the Peloton pedals.

Here is the complete process on how you can put on the shoes and clip them into the pedal.

1. Mounting cleats on the Peloton pedals

Before you can start using your Peloton shoes with the bike, you need to check if your shoes come with cleats or not. Some Peloton shoes do come with in-built cleats but most of them do not.

And for such shoes, you will first need to fix the cleats on the shoes.

On the sole of the Peloton shoe, you will see 3 (or at times 5) holes to fit cleats. Take the washers and place them over the cleats and then put the screws in and tighten them properly.

You can use an Alan key to ensure that the screws are tight enough.

2. Wear the Peloton shoes

Most Peloton shoes will come with buckles and will have a button to unfasten the buckle. Loosen the buckle and slip your feet inside the shoe.

Once your foot is inside completely, you can buckle it and. Adjust the buckle as per your comfort and fit.

You may also be wondering do peloton shoes run small? Here is our answer to that!

3. Clipping the shoe on the Peloton bike

Firstly, get on the bike and make sure that you are standing with your feet on both sides of the Peloton. Now, take your dominant side (left or right) and get the pedal facing down so that you can put your shoe on it.

There is a holder for your cleats to go in. Put your shoe on it and press down hard. You should hear a click. This indicates that the cleats have fit properly. Repeat the same process and the other shoe to clip in peloton shoes and you are ready to ride.

How to Clip Out of the Peloton Pedal?

To clip out of the pedals you have to stop riding and then lift your feet up to take the shoes off from the pedal.

Here are the detailed steps to clip out of the Peloton pedal:

  1. Slowly stop pedaling and bring on pedal completely at the bottom
  2. Press down on the Resistance knob. This will keep the pedals locked in one place, without movement
  3. Now put some pressure on your foot and move it away from the pedal. This is usually a sideways movement away from the bike
  4. That’s it. Repeat the same process for the other foot and you now know how to unclip from the pedals

Can other riding shoes be used with the Peloton bike?

Yes, you can use other shoes with the Peloton bike. But there are a few challenges there. Peloton pedals usually require an additional cleat setup. Now, the only cleats that are compatible with the pedals are the Look Delta cleats. If you want to go into complete details, check our guide on whether do you need peloton shoes or you can use regular shoes. Also, you can check out some of the best cycling shoes for wide feet!

All Peloton branded cycling shoes are compatible with the Look Delta cleats that support a 3-hole setup. So, you can use non-Peloton branded shoes as long as they come with the same screw setup. 

The other workaround is to completely change the pedals on the Peloton. There are many pedals in the market that are compatible with the Peloton and you can select your cleats and peloton shoes according to the new pedals you purchase.

Can sneakers be used with the Peloton bike?

Yes, you can use any type of footwear with the Peloton bike. However, the challenge will be with your grip.

Shoes that don’t fit into the cleats provided on the pedals might keep slipping off the pedals. This will tend to happen as you increase your speed or put more load on the pedals.

You will also not be able to put the most optimum amount of pressure on the pedal since the peloton shoes are not attached to it. There is also the risk of injury if your feet slip off the pedal. Imagine that you are riding in a standing position and you lose the grip on both feet! It might result in a serious injury.

How to buy the right shoes for Peloton bikes?

We mentioned that any shoes can be compatible with the Peloton as long as they have space to accommodate the 3-screw set up to fit the cleats. All shoes that meet this criterion will be the right shoes for the Peloton.

However, if you are looking for some handy tips to buy riding shoes, then this list should be of use to you.

Size – This is one of the most crucial factors when buying any footwear. While cycling, you will be putting tremendous amounts of pressure on your feet, so the shoe needs to fit properly. Before you purchase the peloton shoes, make sure that the size, fit and comfort factors suit your requirements

Quality – The second most important factor is the durability of the riding shoes. Buying branded shoes with positive reviews will ensure that you don’t hurt your feet and that your shoes will last for a long time.

Compatibility – Cleats, pedals and cleat holes. All 3 need to work well with each other. The shoes you purchase need to fit the cleats that are installed on the Peloton. These will mostly be the 3-hole set up so buy shoes that have the same setup.

Sole – All remember that soles that are hard are great for Peloton exercises. All though the hard sole might feel a bit uncomfortable when you start riding, it ensures that the power transfer from your body to the pedal is in the optimum level. This correlates to better performance and reduce exhaustion.

Cost – This depends on your budget. If you are a newbie or using the Peloton for light exercises, then it might not be required to spend a good deal on the peloton shoes. However, if you are a serious rider then go for the best that you can buy within your budget. Also, if you are serious rider, you must be wondering do you have to pay for peloton classes?

How to buy the right cleats for Peloton bikes?

The most important factor to consider while buying cleats for Peloton is the compatibility. Select the 3-hole setup and you should be good to go. There are other factors too that you can consider before buying a set of cleats for the Peloton bike. They are listed in detail below.

Compatibility – Most Peloton users go for the Look Delta pedals are they are compatible with the Peloton pedals. However, you can also take a look at the SPD-SL products that fit the pedals. No matter which brand you go in for, check the screw setup and make sure they fit the pedals correctly.

Quality – When you push on the pedals, the body will transfer all the power to the cleats first. Good quality cleats will ensure a linear power transfer and wont tire out your foot. Since you are putting the entire body weight on the peloton shoes, cleats and pedals, all of them need to be of the best possible quality.

Float – The float of a cleat is the rotation factor on the pedal. If your cleats have a floating feature then you can adjust the foot position a little bit while riding to ensure maximum comfort. However, this depends on your riding style and the purpose of your fitness regime.


Peloton are a fantastic tool for fitness programs and millions of people use these products across the world. Choosing the right equipment is essential to enhance your riding performance, maximize comfort and get the most out of your fitness programs.

A crucial element of such programs is the equipment you use and the way you use it. Hopefully, through this article we have not only addressed your concerns about how to put on the shoes on your Peloton but some additional points as well. When it comes to pedaling on the Peloton bike, the peloton shoes, toe cages, cleats and pedals make a world of difference.

The right product and the right way to use them is therefore important to know. If you use the wrong product or the wrong technique, then you will either end up hurting yourself or maybe, damaging the bike.

Learn the right methods to wear the peloton shoes, setup the cleats and then make them work together. This way you make the most of the Peloton and achieve your fitness goals in the best way possible.

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