Schwinn IC4 Vs Echelon : Which Should You Buy?

Schwinn IC4 Vs Echelon : Which Should You Buy?

The story of Schwinn vs Echelon will continue for years because these are the top 2 brands in the industry. They’ve been around forever and both have earned stellar reputations by creating some of the greatest exercise bikes in the history of cycling.

But which one should you buy? Right now, they are both very popular and have many riders looking at them to make a purchase. We want to help you make an informed decision on which might be the best indoor cycling bike for your needs so we did all our research and found out exactly what separates one from the other.

Schwinn IC4 Vs Echelon – Comparing Them:

Schwinn IC4Echelon EX5S
Flywheel40-pound29 pounds
Resistance100 levels magneticMagnetic with 32 levels
SeatAdjustableRace bike seat adjustable
MonitorLCD display21.5-inch HD
PedalsDual-sided toe cagedToe-cage design- sports shoes lbs
Handlebars2- way Adjustable2-way adjustable
Schwinn IC4 Review:
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Echelon EX5S Review:
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We had a team of test riders try out both bikes and come back with their assessment of which one is the better option. The Schwinn IC4 scored higher on performance primarily because it has several features that none of its competitors have, like 100 levels of magnetic resistance. This makes the Schwinn IC bikes better for both beginners and advanced riders as they fulfill the needs for both of these.

It’s super quiet and allows you to ride without much noise disturbing anyone else in the room or the house. While Echelon has 32 levels of magnetic resistance, it does not compare with Schwinn. This makes the Echelon bike better for beginners.

The Schwinn IC4 comes with 40-pound wheelset stability to the whole fitness bike. You don’t have to worry about wobbling or having technical issues that could arise because it’s not well-made. Moreover, it makes your ride more smoother and comfortable. While the Echelon EX5S has a 29-pound wheel.

Furthermore, the Schwinn IC4 Doesn’t have pre-workout programs but has a Bluetooth connection which makes it easier for you to sync your device with the equipment. This feature allows you to access your streaming workouts or fitness app.

Reviewing the performance of both these indoor cycling bikes, We recommend Schwinn IC4 better because of its high magnetic resistance, a larger fly-wheel, and displays metrics on screen.


The Schwinn IC4 and The Echelon EX5S both are constructed withThe frame of this bike is constructed of high-grade stainless steel, which makes it ideal for a sturdy and durable structure.

The seats are designed to provide comfort while ensuring that they are adjustable and flexible. The handlebars can also be moved up or down in either an upward or downward direction, according to your preferences.

In Schwinn IC4 you can view your activities by connecting Bluetooth with your device. While you have to connect your phone to the device to gain access to your recent workout programs. However, the two models have a screen to display your vitals.

With Echelon, you may access the Echelon Fit training course on a 21.5-inch console for scenic journeys infamous destinations across the earth. Fortunately, the bike is not compatible with any training software and there are only a few programs to choose from.

Echelon, on the other hand, includes a wider range of exercises from Zumba to yoga, as well as the ability to swivel the screen 180 degrees to work out off the bike while still looking at it.

The pedals are the most important distinction between these two indoor cycles, with Schwinn having dual-sided pedals that work with both standard gym shoes and specialized cycling shoes. Echelon’s method is more straightforward, using one-sided pedals with toe cages to keep you steady.

Schwinn’s build is more flexible with the pedals and overall functioning of the bike than the Echelon Bike, according to our testers.

Schwinn IC4 Vs Echelon EX5S – An Overview

Schwinn IC4 Review:

Schwinn IC4

As we mentioned earlier, this is an indoor cycle bike that has magnetic resistance. It operates at a magnetic tension of 100 levels with the TRU-feel technology program which allows you to know if your pedaling style is right or not while you are working out. It has fully adjustable handlebars.

The console on this Schwinn series bike displays the metrics like distance, time, speed, total distance covered, calories burned, and heartbeat.

The Schwinn IC4 also includes a calorie goal program where you can set your target to achieve daily. This helps in motivating the users while they are working out, to get the maximum results without any delay.

This Schwinn offers features 40-pound wheels that help you ride smoothly and without any jerking movement. The bike has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to sync your device with the equipment and to access your favorite podcasts, music, or streaming workouts.

The Schwinn series exercise bike is compatible with android and ios devices. When you connect the equipment to your mobile phone, headphones will help you listen to your favorite music. While working out or watching your favorite programs on your TV or other video screens as it lacks built-in speakers.

The Schwinn IC4 also lacks a Built-in fan so you have to keep it in a place where there is a breeze. Moreover, The Schwinn IC4 has the design of dual-link pedals and toe cages for safety, a feature that allows you to hook up your favorite pair of cycling shoes for intense workouts.

The Schwinn IC4 also has given the user 3-pound dumbbells to promote a more intensive workout that works for multiple muscle groups.


  • 100 resistance levels
  • Dual pedal design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Dual water bottle holder
  • Adjustable handlebars hand seats


  • Lacks pre-programmed workouts
  • No cooling fan

Echelon EX5S Review:

Echelon EX5S

This exercise bike is also quite popular that offers engaging and effective workout sessions. The Echelon Bike weighs a 29-pound wheel that presents 32 resistance levels from which you can choose your desired resistance. The bike operates at 32 levels of magnetic tension that enables smooth and effective workout sessions.

The Echelon Bike comes with a built-in USB charger, which you can use to charge your device while using this exercise machine. It also features a 21.5-inch screen that offers you details as calories burned, distance covered, speed, time of exercise, and heartbeat.

The Echelon EX5S is compatible with most devices like android phones, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc. It lacks connectivity with Bluetooth.

This bike’s seat is designed to follow the race bike design seen on similar bikes. This implies it isn’t intended for extended periods of sitting. It may serve as a motivator for some and be replaced with a more comfortable option for others.

This fitness bike comes with SPD-compatible pedals. These are pedals with toe cages to ensure you stay steady while you’re working out. Pair your device with the bike’s Echelon fit App to show off your achievements and performance metrics if you’re concerned about keeping track of your health vitals and performance numbers.

The E5S is designed with Aeros system handlebars, which provide extra support for folks who prefer to sit low on the bike’s handles.

The in-built speakers are not set up to play anything on your phone when you train, which is a notable difference from other models. The speakers are not linked with external devices to play music on your phone while you train, as they are with competing platforms. The App will still show your vitals if you are late with your payment.


  • Durable steel frame
  • 29-pound flywheel
  • Aero system handle-bars
  • 32-levels of magnetic resistance


  • The only echelon fitness app that is compatible

Schwinn Vs Echelon – Final Verdict:

Concluding these best exercise bikes. Schwinn IC4 users are prevented from using pre-programmed workouts, but they do get a device holder and a Bluetooth connection to make it easier to stream from and pair with compatible training applications. The difference between the Echelon smart connect fitness bike and the Schwinn IC4 is in the flywheel size and resistance levels, in which Schwinn bikes take the lead.


My Schwinn IC4 bike displays distance in kilometers. Can it display it in miles?

Yes, you can. You may change the default unit for distance to miles. To do so, hold down both the increase and decrease buttons and wait 3 seconds. Once it displays kilometers, as a result, press any of the other controls to store your choice.


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