Schwinn IC4 Vs Sole SB900 – Which is The More Engaging One?

Schwinn IC4 Vs Sole SB900 – Which is The More Engaging One?

The Schwinn IC4 and Sole SB900 are both recumbent exercise bikes. These two spin bikes have been around for a while, and each one has its set of unique features.

However, the question that keeps popping up in which one among them is more engaging than the other? Well, we shall be answering this very query in this comparison article.

In addition, we have also tried to list the main pros and cons of each one so that you can know clearly what works for which one in a particular situation.

So, without further ado let’s get started with the comparison. Feel free to take a look at what we have included in this article and at the end, you will get a new indoor cycling bike to add to your home gym.

Schwinn IC4 Vs Sole SB900 – How They Compare:

Schwinn IC4Sole SB900
 Resistance MechanismMagneticMagnetic
Dimensions48.7  x 21.2 x 51.8 inches40 x 21 x 42 inches 
Flywheel weight40 lbs. ( 18kg)48 lbs. ( 21.8 kg)
Maximum weight capacity330 lbs. ( 150kg)300 lbs. ( 136 kg)
Best PickSchwinn IC4 Overview:
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Solo SB900 Overview:
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Performance Features:

Since both of them are high-end resistance system bikes, they come with some pretty noteworthy features that will help you to track your workout performance.

The Schwinn IC4 comes with a resistance package that is magnetic resistance with a 40-pound flywheel. This resistance helps to change the resistance levels easily and smoothly. It has 100 micro-adjustable resistance levels which help you to set the resistance according to your needs and requirements.

The resistance package of Sole SB900 is also magnetic with a 48-pound chrome plated flywheel weight, a heavier flywheel than the Schwinn IC4. These resistance system bikes have resistance ranges from very light to heavy resistance levels. This resistance can be easily adjusted to achieve your perfect workout performance.

The Schwinn IC4 is a superior bike when it comes to resistance because it permits you to make tiny adjustments in resistance with extreme accuracy.

Heart Rate Monitor:

Heart rate monitoring is an important aspect of exercise, especially if one of your objectives is to improve your heart health or lose weight. Some bicycles come with a built-in heart rate monitor, while others require the purchase of a separate device and connection to the bike.

The Schwinn IC4 comes with an armband to monitor your pulse rate which helps you to track your heart rate and other workout programs.

It can store up to 10 users and it gives real-time readouts on the display console. It is an impressive feature as it keeps a check over you so that you don’t jog away from your fitness goals. You can adjust resistance levels based on your heart rate.

The Sole SB900 comes with a wireless display console that can be attached to the chest or arm to show your heart rate. In addition, it has a special grip that is used for tracking cadence and also adjusts resistance accordingly. The Sole SB900 doesn’t come with an armband, which means you have to buy one.

In both of these magnetic resistance bikes, you have the choice to use the wireless transmitter as well as a traditional handlebar grip. This gives you a great deal of flexibility that you need for resistance.

Interactive Training:

Neither of the spin bikes has pre-set workouts. The Schwinn IC4, however, has Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream exercise lessons from several fitness applications. These include Peloton, Explore the World, Zwift, Sufferfest, Strava, Rouvy, TacX, FulGaz, and MyFitnessPal among others. The Sole SB900 is not compatible with any applications.

Peloton is one of the most popular fitness apps in the world that Every day, at least 14 live exercise sessions are available. You can also get in on the action by getting a Zwift Premium subscription. It’s possible to go for any adventure you want with this app. Explore the World features stunning scenery from around the world, and Zwift allows you to compete with other riders.

The disadvantage of Schwinn’s app availability is that most of them need a subscription, and you’ll need a steady Wi-Fi connection. There are no membership fees with the Sole bike, and there is no requirement for a Wi-Fi connection.

Schwinn IC4 is a superior choice since it allows you to access a variety of applications. You may ride the bike without apps if desired and pay for them when you need them.

Experience Of Riding:

Both the Schwinn IC4 and Sole SB900 come with premium resistance systems, large resistance wheels and long seat handles. Thus riding on both of them is more comfortable than on some low-quality spin bikes.

The large wheels on the two bikes make it possible for you to set up your bike in a wide range of places. They are more stable than other spin bikes, which means that you can ride them with an easier mind.

It’s interesting to contrast the Sole bike SB900 with its competitor: Schwinn IC4. This Spin bike has resistance settings, which might be displayed numerically or as a percentage of total effort. The Sole bike, on the other hand, does not feature distinct resistance levels. This makes it tough to locate past resistance settings.

If you like taking advantage of technology then the Schwinn IC4 is best for you because it has a variety of different applications which you can use to track your fitness level. You’ll never be bored with new workout activities to try or trails from practically any location on the globe.

The Schwinn IC4 provides you with a better riding experience. With adjustable resistance, you can enjoy smooth riding. Connectivity opens up a world of new possibilities through several fitness applications.

Schwinn IC4 Vs Sole SB900 – Overall Comparison:

Schwinn IC4 Overview:

Best Pick
Schwinn IC4

The Schwinn IC4 is a great spin bike for your home gym and workout sessions. This exercise bike has multi-grip handlebars that allow you to make variations in your positions so that you can aim at different muscle groups that you want to target which are listed on your workouts. Moreover, it has an adjustable seat that can be adjusted to make a perfect fit according to your position.

One of the cons of this spin bike is that it doesn’t have any pre-set workout program. You can manage different fitness apps and make the most use out of them. It is necessary to keep in mind that most of the bikes come with a simple LCD console that monitors heart rate, time, distance, calories burnt, and RPMs. So if you want in-depth charts of your workouts and take advantage of these apps you may need a high-tech device.

Furthermore, the bike comes with a set of 3-dumbbells which can be a plus point for those who concentrate more on their upper-body workout. You’ll love being able to have your drink easily accessible without having to stop cycling thanks to twin water bottle holders.


  • Armband with Bluetooth connection
  • 100 levels micro-adjustable resistance
  • Pedals are of dual-design


  • Simple LCD
  • No pre-set workout

Solo SB900 Overview:


The Sole Fitness SB900 is a superb indoor cycling bike to use. It’s comfortable and simple to use which makes it an easy entry-level machine for those who want to work out at the comfort of their own homes.

The Solo SB900 seat can be adjusted using a lever that allows you up to maximum levels which makes this perfect for all shapes and sizes of users. This bike is constructed with high-quality materials that make it durable and sturdy having a weight capacity of 300 pounds, which will ensure you get the most out of your workout sessions.

This Solo SB900 gadget is powered by a basic 3 inch by 4 inch LCD screen that shows basic workout information. RPM, calories burned, and heart rate are shown all the time. To view additional data, press buttons on the bottom of the console.

The handlebars of the Solo SB900 bike are made of rubber, making it easier to keep a firm grip even when your palms get sweaty. The seat is also adjustable and labeled for easy identification.

This Solo SB900 bike weighs 160 pounds when fully built. This makes it difficult to move about (despite built-in transport wheels) and causes it to be rather heavy and bulky, therefore it is best to install it in a convenient location where it may be kept permanently.

You may put it anywhere in the house because it doesn’t require electricity. It does not require a power cord and instead runs on self-generated energy.. This not only saves you money on your power bill, but it also allows you to place it in the middle of a room.


  • Quiet resistance
  • Competitive training bike
  • Rubber handlebars that are adjustable


  • No Wi-Fi connection
  • No Bluetooth

Schwinn IC4 Vs Sole SB900 – Conclusion

Schwinn and Sole are two well-known spin bike makers. The IC4 from Schwinn and the Sole SB900 are both powerful and durable spin bikes with massive flywheels for easy riding and effective resistance. Both include basic equipment that only displays basic fitness data.

Both feature a dual system pedal so you can use them with both professional clipped cycling shoes and running sneakers.

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