Shimano Acera Vs Altus Components

If you have a mountain bike or an electric bike, parts called derailleurs make your bike’s gear system work better.

There are many different types of these parts, but people who love bikes know that Shimano Acera or Altus derailleurs and groupsets are the best.

But, people often need clarification on Shimano Acera and Altus groupset and know which one is better. This is because they both have similar bike parts, but they also have very different features.

So in this article, we will talk about which is better, Shimano Altus or Acera, some significant differences between their derailleurs, a review of their groupsets, and much more.

Basics Of Groupset

First, let’s talk about what a groupset is. It’s all the parts that make a bike with gears work. This includes the gears and the brakes.

A groupset is essential for a bike to work well. Most bikes already have these parts, but you should get a complete set if you want your bike to be even better. You can find my top picks on Amazon.

Now, let’s look at what’s in a groupset and how these parts make riding your bike more fun:


Derailleurs are like the bike’s helpers. They help your bike change gears by moving chains from one spot to another. They work with a cable that’s attached to your bike’s wheels.

These types are the best, from loose chains to electronic ones, because they make your ride smoother, like sliding on ice!

Brakes and Shifters

When you’re with a group, thinking about these things is essential. Brakes on a bike are super important, just like stopping at a red light in a car. So, feel free to spend more on good breaks.

Shifters are the parts that help change the bike’s gears. They’re usually found right under the brake levers. There are two types of shifters: one kind that you twist called a grip shifter, and another kind that you press down on, called a trigger/thumb shifter.


Even though bikes today come with gears, only some need to use them. But if you have bags, knowing how to care for them is essential. It would help if you regularly cleaned and oiled the inside cable and front and back parts. It’s like brushing your teeth – you must do it often to keep things working well!

Shimano Acera vs. Altus Components: The Difference

These groupsets have many of the same parts, like derailleurs, cranksets, shifters, and bottom brackets. But, the big difference between Shimano Acera and Altus groupsets is how well each piece works. This can change based on the type of ground you’re riding on, how fast your gear speeds are, why you’re using your bike, and much more.

Now, let’s figure out which is better: the Shimano Acera or Altus bike parts. We’ll do this by looking at each piece closely:

ComponentsShimano Acera GroupsetShimano Altus Groupset
ShiftersAcera shifters are great for lots of different bikes. They’re built really well and make riding very comfy. The fact that they don’t cause a lot of friction is a big plus!Altus shifters only work with some types of bikes and aren’t as flexible. They also have a special way of releasing and they show you the gears in a cool display.
GearsShimano Acera gears work really well for rides on trails. So, they’re a good choice for mountain bikes.Altus gears work pretty well, but they’re not made for riding off-road. But, if you’re just going for a ride on the street, they’re a really good choice.
Front DerailleursAcera front derailleurs are easier to use and feel smoother. Many bike riders like to change their old derailleurs for these. But, putting them on your bike can be hard and you need experience to do it.Altus front bike parts work really well on 2*8 speed mountain bikes. They’re super easy to put on your bike. The cool part is that they can be pulled from the top or bottom, which is a big bonus.
Brake LeversThe braking levers on the Acera aren’t as strong as those on the Altus. But, you can get them in both disc and hydraulic types.Shimano Altus brake levers, which are really tough and used on lots of bikes, have a design that’s trusted for safety and stops the bike right away.
Rear DerailleursAcera rear derailleurs are great for bikes with 7 to 8 speeds. They last a long time. They have really good features for shifting gears and are a good choice if you need to replace your old one.If you need parts for wheels smaller than 24 inches, these Altus back bike parts are great. They run really well, but they aren’t the best when it comes to how long they last.
PriceAcera groupsets cost a bit more, but they’re still less pricey than other choices out there. Plus, the parts you get are really good quality!Altus bike parts cost less than Acera ones. It’s not common to find such good parts for this low price.

After comparing them closely, here are some superficial differences between Shimano Acera and Altus Groupsets:

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Shimano Altus Groupset:

You can mix its parts with those from other sets. Altus has more gear options than Acera. The brakes aren’t as bendy as the ones in Acera.

Shimano Acera Groupset:

This can fit many different bikes. It’s good value for your money. Every year, they make a better and more functional version of it.


Every bike rider wants a great set of bike parts like shifters, brakes, and derailleurs that don’t cost too much. Shimano makes these sets, but people often need help deciding between Altus and Acera.

When looking at how well each part works over time, people like the Shimano Acera set more.

Bike riders also like to replace their old parts with Acera ones, especially the derailleurs!


Is the Shimano Acera a good derailleur?

I agree. The derailleur from Shimano Acera is relatively light and doesn’t cause many problems. It lets me enjoy long bike rides without any trouble.

What is better, Shimano Altus or Acera?

Acera and Altus bike parts are very similar and at the same level. But, if you ask me to pick one, Acera is a little better than Altus. Mountain bike riders like them. Plus, they don’t cost too much, are easy to put on and help you control your bike better.

Why are these Groupsets so Expensive?

A group set has many parts, like brakes, shifters, and gears. They all help make your bike work better. They should be made from high-quality stuff. If they aren’t, you’ll have to buy new ones often. This is why they can cost a lot, even if they seem cheap.

What is better, Shimano Altus or Acera?

Shimano Acera is a better choice than Shimano Altus. This is because Acera uses lighter materials, and the technology is more refined, which makes it a more pleasant groupset to use. Its shifting capabilities are also noticeably better. However, Shimano Altus is still a good option, as it is lightweight and operates smoothly. Due to its solid shifting features, Shimano Acera offers a higher quality experience for riders, especially those using 7 to 8-speed range bikes.

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