What Is A Good Peloton Output? [Tips To Maximize]

What Is A Good Peloton Output? [Tips To Maximize]

Peloton is known for their workout equipment, especially their bike which is used as indoor cycling equipment. One of the most important metrics on the bike is its average power output which helps in measuring an individual’s progress.

Although the output depends on every person and their body type, there are some guidelines to help you understand what a good Peloton Output is all about.

So, What Is A Good Peloton Output?

On average anything between 150-250 watts is considered to be a good Peloton Output. Output is a sum of cadence and resistance. A lot of factors depend on getting a good Peloton output such as your age, gender, type of workout, and your flexibility too. 

good peloton output

Although we know what a good Peloton output is but there are a lot of users who find it difficult to achieve it. To help them achieve a good Peloton Output there are a few tips that the user may follow during or before their work out on their Peloton bikes.

What is a Peloton output?

To understand how well you are doing on the Peloton bike, you can measure your output using the RPMs and the force you exert during the ride. The Peloton output is used to calculate your performance and is usually reported in kilojoules.

How is the Peloton output calculated?

To start with Peloton output is a total of cadence and resistance. Cadence can be calculated by the number of times you spin the wheels every 60 seconds while resistance is the difficulty level you set for yourself while you are cycling.

This is how a good Peloton output is calculated. The usual formula is to multiply the average Output (watts) by the duration of the ride (in seconds) and then divide the result by 1000. To increase your output, you can increase either the ride time or the average output, or both!

How can I check my output on the Peloton display?

To get your Peloton output, check the display on the bike and you will see figures for Cadence, Resistance, Output and Total Output mentioned there.

Increase Peloton Output

What does the Peloton output depend upon?

Some of the factors affecting the Peloton output are

  1. Weight
  2. Class Duration
  3. Age
  4. Power Zone
  5. Gender
  6. Type of workout

Weight – To calculate your Peloton output you will have to calculate the watts versus the kilograms. If you are new to Peloton then 2 watts is a good number for you. Although for a Peloton rider the best Peloton output against his/her weight would be 5.1 watts

Class Duration – The duration of the class is one of the important factors that impact the Peloton output. It is believed that compared to a long ride the shorter rides have a higher power output

Age – Your Peloton output also depends on your age. A person who is 70 years old may be performing better than a 25-year-old simply because he might have been an athlete all his life and still has the same energy, power, and resilience as the younger one

Power zone – The Peloton bike comes with seven power zones but before joining any of the zones you might have to undergo a small test. The test is mainly to track your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), to see how capable you are in sustaining high power for over 50-60 minutes

Gender – Gender definitely plays a major role in affecting your Peloton output because a male has more power and resilience compared to women.

Type of Workout – To achieve a good Peloton output it is important to choose the type of workout correctly. A long-duration workout that does not need you to put a lot of strength and energy will not give you good output. However, a shorter duration of workout with good cadence and resistance will definitely give you good output. 

How to calculate your Power Zone on Peloton?

A Power Zone is a range that your performance will fall under and represents the power output. This is also known as the FTP or Functional Threshold Power. To get your Power Zone rating, you can look for FTP rides in Peloton then complete those. These will give you an initial benchmark on your Power Zone.

Power Zones on Peloton

To get your Power Zone displayed on the Peloton screen, here is what you need to do.

  • Click on your profile picture or username on the Peloton screen (check out some peloton username ideas)
  • Now click on the RED gear symbol and then on the Preferences option
  • Click on edit Power Zone and enter the value you got when you completed your FTP rides
  • Click on OK and then make sure that the Display Power Zone option is enabled

Peloton Power Zone meaning

How do Resistance and Cadence affect Peloton Output?

Resistance and Cadence are directly proportionate to the Peloton output because when both resistance and cadence are increased, your Peloton output also increases.

Here is a simple table to show you how both these elements impact your Peloton output.

Peloton Resistance and Cadence

Does my weight affect my Peloton output?

All though there is no concrete science behind this but generally people who carry more weight can produce more thrust onto the Peloton pedals. This results in a greater amount of force being generated and can affect the Peloton output.

Here is a simple chart to demonstrate the Total Output being calculated based on the weight and output of the individual.

Peloton Output - Weight vs Output

How important it is to get a good power output?

To ensure good health which includes strength, good performance, longevity, and athletic ability it is important to get a good power output. But do note that the Peloton output accuracy is actually almost 10% lower than the power that an individual produces. While working out on your Peloton the power output and the bodyweight will go hand in hand.

A heavy person will need a little more power in order to maintain the resistance and power. It means you will need extra energy to get a good power output.

Working out on your Peloton can be really fun and motivating especially if you are seeing progress and noticing a visible difference in your body. But a lot of times users face troubles with their Peloton outputs getting worse.

Tips to maximize the Peloton output

The easiest way to increase your Peloton output is by spending more time riding and then crossing the Power Zone levels one by one.

However, there are more ways to increase your Peloton output and these are highlighted below.

  • Get a good pair of Peloton shoes for better performance. Good quality shoes result in efficient power transfer and could improve your output numbers. In case you are wondering do you need special shoes for peloton, we have a guide for you!
  • The settings on your Peloton bike should be appropriate. They shouldn’t be too high or too low. To ensure that this happens, calibrate your Peloton regularly
  • Warm-up before you get into your Peloton bike
  • Keep a track of your Functional Threshold Power every month to see how you are improving. Do more courses for better performance
  • Eat good food to provide you with enough strength
  • Do a power training like the power zone program in your Peloton

By following the given tips you will definitely see an improvement in your progress. Moreover, who doesn’t like to gain the maximum out of something? Apart from the given tips, there are also a couple of factors that affect a good Peloton output. But let us first understand how a good Peloton output is calculated.

Why is my Peloton output getting worse?

Seeing your Peloton output get worse could be due to a lot of factors such as

  • If you are getting obsessed with your training and ending up overtraining
  • If you do not have good sleep habits
  • If you are not eating well and have lack of nutrition
  • If you are into different medications
  • If you are consuming a lot of junk food /alcohol /soda drinks etc.

Taking a step towards a healthy lifestyle is a good thing to do but at the same time getting obsessed over something is equally harmful. The free power zones on your Peloton bike is to motivate and push your limits to achieve a healthy mind and body and it will happen only gradually.


We hope that you enjoyed reading this article today and found it informative and helpful. We hope we were able to answer all the questions that you might have regarding your Peloton Output. So, the next time you are in doubt don’t forget to go through this article and find your answers. We have tons of other articles on Peloton bikes so do check them out as well.

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