About Us

Hey Bikers, welcome to Top Bikes Guide – biking since May 2021. 

At Top Bikes Guide you’ll find all things Bikes – Guides, reviews, tips/tricks and the best accessories for the biker inside you!

What’s Our Story?

Bennie Henderson, founder, has been a passionate biker all his life and this blog was a way for him to share the knowledge and expertise he has accumulated in all his biking ventures and his time spent on peloton!

His passion for biking combined with a little computer knowledge got this blog up and running in no time and since then the aim has been to produce the best quality content on Biking!

Meat The Team

Bennie Henderson – Owner/Director/Editor

Bennie is the main man behind Top Bikes Guide! Growing up with an elder brother, he remembers spending most of his time with his brother biking – almost everywhere!

Not only the biking and peloton helped him get in shape, but it was a way for him to relax and take his mind off of all the chaos – kind of his way of meditation!

Top Bikes Guide maybe new, but Bennie makes sure each piece of content that gets published here is more accurate and helpful than any piece out there – Something he and his team lives by!

Effie Lindgren – Senior Editor

Effie, mother of two toddlers, shares the same level of passion as Bennie for biking. She is a Homemaker and hence biking is her perfect way of staying fit!

Effie’s job here is to come up with the content ideas and get them ready to be published on Top Bikes Guide!

More than anything, it’s the passion for biking that drives Effie to produce the absolute best content and help out the fellow bikers!

Contact Us

You can reach out to the team via: topbikesguide at gmail