Is Cycling A Hobby? Or It’s A Sport? – Explained

After the Covid-19 pandemic, more people in India are riding bikes—still, many wonder if Cycling is just a fun pastime or a sport in the country.

A hobby is something you enjoy doing in your free time to relax and feel happy. So, yes, Cycling can be a hobby.

But did you know, Cycling is also a sport in India, just like cricket or hockey? Sadly, even though bikes are good for the environment and don’t cost much, only a few people in India cycle. Only a few places, like Karnataka and Kerala, are trying to get more people to ride bikes. These places have also given India most of its professional cyclists.

Have you heard about World Bicycle Day? It’s celebrated every year on June 3rd. The theme for 2022 was to honor the bike for its uniqueness, variety, and long history of over 200 years.

Let’s discuss how choosing to cycle as a hobby or sport in India can have good and bad points.

How Can Cycling Be a Hobby?

The term “Hobby” refers to an activity one does for enjoyment during their free time, typically happiness & joy. A person’s hobbies may vary from collecting themed items and objects to engaging in creative and artistic pursuits to playing sports.

cycling as hobby

Therefore, Cycling can also be one of the best hobbies for enjoyment because it is an outdoor activity that can lead to mental and physical fitness. So, You can opt for Cycling as a hobby to maintain physical fitness, health, and enjoyment.

Good Things About Making Cycling Your Hobby

  • Cycling works out your whole body: legs, pedal, tummy, and back keep you steady, and arms hold you up on the handlebars.
  • It boosts your immune system by making more essential proteins and activating white blood cells.
  • It is a cheap hobby that anyone can do, even with little money.
  • Bikes don’t need gas, so they don’t put harmful stuff into the air.
  • It helps with weight loss because it burns off calories.
  • Releases happy hormones called endorphins that make you feel good.
  • It can help prevent serious illnesses like strokes, heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.

Cycling can help India grow in a way that’s good for the planet because it cuts down on the use of resources that can’t be replaced. It might also reduce pollution, making the air healthier to breathe. We can contribute to our country’s progress by staying fit and healthy.

Downsides of Having Cycling as a Pastime in India:

  • Breathing in harmful stuff: Cyclists in India can inhale nasty things like carbon monoxide and lead. These can lead to diseases affecting the heart and lungs.
  • More cycling paths: There need to be more safe bike lanes in India, which is especially problematic for those new to Cycling.
  • Travel limitations: Cycling takes up a lot of time and only allows for long-distance travel.
  • Weather-dependent: The weather can make cycling risky, especially when it’s raining. Also, other drivers might not be kind to cyclists on the road.
  • Increasing accidents: Cycling can be unsafe due to the growing number of drivers driving recklessly in India.
  • Bikes can be stolen: Without any security measures from the government, bicycles can be easily stolen.
  • The poor condition of roads: The roads in India are often full of potholes and rough patches, making them unsuitable for Cycling.
  • Lack of governmental support: There need to be more specific laws in India to protect or support cyclists.

Is Choosing Cycling as a Pastime in India a Good Idea?

Riding a bike in India isn’t very safe because we often hear about accidents on TV. The government still needs to make special lanes for bikes, which makes the roads too busy. Some people think having a fancy car is essential, so they need to be nicer to people on bikes. The streets in India need to be in better shape, which can make Cycling dangerous.

But there are still lots of people who love to cycle in India. They’re doing their bit to make Cycling more popular, even though it’s tough. You should try cycling too! Take your time with things getting better – that can take a while. Just get out there and see what our country offers from your bike.

Does Cycling Qualify as a Sport in India?

In India, Cycling is a sport. The Indian Olympic Association, or IOA, includes it, says the Indian cycling group. In 2010, Mahitha Mohan was called the best cyclist in India.

cycling as sport

The Indian cycling group (CFI) has been helping cycling sports in India since 1989. It often holds bike races and events. If you want to be a pro cyclist, you need to sign up with the Indian cycling group and take part in BRM events.

You can make money, too, if you become a top cyclist or start your bike club.

Essential Gear Needed for Pursuing Cycling as a Sport

  • Helmet: Keeps your head safe during crashes and can prevent face and head injuries.
  • Cycling shoe: These shoes have stiff soles for foot protection during pedaling and can also help reduce tiredness and cramping.
  • Gloves: They assist you in gripping the handlebar better.
  • Cycling jacket: Worn in cold or harsh weather conditions.
  • Cycling Clothes: Required for professional cyclists to help increase speed. Includes a tight T-shirt and shorts with padding.
  • Bamboo socks: Very soft socks that fight against bacteria and fungus, keeping your feet dry, clean, and healthy.

Encouraging Cycling as a Activity or Sport in India

Air and noise pollution in India is getting worse each day. We should encourage more people to cycle to keep our air clean.

  • People should ride bikes when they aren’t going very far.
  • Kids should join in bike races at their schools.
  • Camps that teach about nature should be held to help people learn.
  • The government needs to help solve this problem.
  • There should be particular paths for bikes built by those in charge.
  • Laws should be made to keep bike riders safe.
  • Bike riders in India should feel safe on the roads and not get picked on.

Conclusion: Is Biking a Sport or Just for Fun?

Think carefully about the good and bad points of biking in India before you decide. If you want to bike as a sport, it can cost a lot because you’ll need a coach, the right food, and training. Only choose this if you have enough money and can pay for everything you need to be a top-notch biker. But, if you want to bike for fun, it won’t cost as much, and you can do it to learn and enjoy yourself. The decision is up to you!


Who came up with the idea for the Bicycle?

Karol von Drains, known as the bike’s dad, made the first big step when he built a thing with two wheels that could be steered in 1817. Want to learn more?

What should you do when riding a bike in India?

You should always follow the rules of the road and pay attention. Use your hands to show when you’re turning and ride one behind the other in the same direction as cars.

Can I lose weight if I ride a bike?

Yes, you can. But eating right is also essential to lose weight from biking. So, you should eat good food and bike often for the best results.

Why do people wear tiny hats when they bike?

The tiny hats for biking are used to keep the sun out of your eyes. When biking, you should always wear something on your head, like a little hat or a helmet.

Who shouldn’t ride a bike?

People who have hurt their knees or back. Also, people with asthma shouldn’t bike because they will breathe more air, which can make their heart beat faster and cause an asthma attack. You should talk to your doctor if you have a severe health problem like this.

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