7 Best Bicycles for 12 Year Old Boy In India 2023 | Reviewed

Bicycles are a great asset for children of all ages, especially for 12-year-old boys. With the seven top bicycles we’ve reviewed, it’s clear that being young is not a barrier to embarking on thrilling journeys.

Science has shown that cycling is vital and cost-effective for maintaining good health. It helps to build energy, strength, and self-assurance.

So, if you’re considering gifting your 12-year-old boy a bicycle, you’re on the right track. Cycling comes with a plethora of benefits. It can boost your child’s confidence and keep them lively and active.

Not only does cycling burn calories, but it also enhances heart and lung performance. Furthermore, it contributes to our body’s shape and posture by fortifying the muscles and bones in our lower body.

Some kids dream of driving cars or motorcycles at this age but can’t because they don’t have a license yet. To make their dreams come true, manufacturers have created the perfect bicycles for 10-12-year-old boys in India, allowing them to live out their cycling dreams.

In a rush? Here’s a Quick Look!

If you need more time and can’t read the whole article, we’ve picked our top bicycle choice for your 10 to 12-year-old child.

This bicycle is suitable for both boys and girls. Let’s dive into some more details about this bike. It features 20-inch tires and a 12-inch frame, covering a wide range of distances and heights.

The frame is constructed from high-quality steel and provides robust support for all attached parts. The bike also has a PU leather saddle (seat), ensuring maximum comfort for young riders.

This Hero Blast MTB Bicycle, suitable for both boys and girls, also has shields to keep mud and dirt away. It’s the ideal bike for your children.

The Ideal Bicycle Size for a 10-12 Year Old Boy

You’re probably here to find the best bike for your 10-year-old. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Remember, choosing the correct bike size is crucial for your child to enjoy their cycling experience.

So what’s the perfect bike size for a 10-year-old boy or girl?

Here’s the thing. Age is just a number that tells you how old your kid is. It doesn’t reflect their height (short or tall) or body type (thin, average, or more significant).

When picking the right bike size for a 10 to 12-year-old, their height and body type are the most critical factors. Here’s a handy kids’ bike size chart to help you find the size for your 10-year-old.

Bike Size Guide Based on Wheel Measurement

Age (Years)Height (Feet)Leg Length (Inches)Bicycle Wheel Size (Inches)
2-3 yearsBetween 3 feet and 3 feet 3 inchesRanging from 15 to 18 inches12 inches
2-5 yearsBetween 3 feet 1 inch and 3 feet 6 inchesRanging from 15 to 20 inches14 inches
5-7 yearsBetween 3 feet 3 inches and 4 feetRanging from 16 to 22 inches16 inches
7-9 yearsBetween 4 feet and 4 feet 7 inchesRanging from 19 to 25 inches20 inches
9-12 yearsBetween 4 feet 3 inches and 5 feetRanging from 23 to 28 inches24 inches
12+ years5 feet or tallerAt least 25 inches26 inches

Top 7 Durable and Attractive Bicycles for 12-Year Old Boys

All children need to experience bike riding, as it boosts their self-assurance, physical strength, and endurance, making them more lively. Here are some bicycle options for 12-year-old boys in India that you can pick for your child without hesitation.

1. Eastman Uniek Steel 24T Bike

First on our list is the Eastman Uniek Unisex hybrid 24T. This bike is an excellent choice for boys and girls aged between 9 to 13 years, thanks to its 24-inch wheels (2.35″ wide) and solid and long-lasting rims.

The bike features a 24-inch steel frame that adds to its durability. Steel frames are known for their strength and affordability, making this bicycle a sound option.

Brakes are an essential component of any bike (except BMX), and this model has powerful v brakes on both sides for quick stopping. However, disc brakes might only be appropriate for children with good biking experience.

1. Eastman Uniek Steel 24T Bike

The bicycle’s tyres are designed to be skid-resistant and durable.

However, this bike comes without suspension, so your child might feel bumps if riding on rough terrains. But it’s not a significant issue!

This single-speed bicycle is ideal for a 12-year-old boy who is just learning how to cycle. It will help him understand the basics before he moves onto bikes with gears.

Kids’ bicycles priced under 5000 rupees typically have no suspension or gears. If you’re looking for a bike with front suspension, consider Caya Bikes and DNS Bikes (scroll down for more details).

Features of Eastman Uniek Bicycle for Boys Aged 12:

  • Safety chain cover included
  • Broad seat for added comfort
  • Suitable for both street and off-road cycling
  • 24-inch tires for a smoother ride over rough terrain
  • Vibrant paint finish

Why we recommend this bike:

  • Cost-effective and long-lasting
  • Includes mudguards and a side stand at no extra cost
  • All kinds of reflectors come installed on the bike
  • One-year warranty on the bike frame

Things to consider before buying:

  • It may not be the best fit for taller boys (5 feet & above) who are 12 years old
  • Without any suspension, off-road rides could be a bit jarring
  • The warranty does not cover the bike’s components

The Bottom Line:

It’s excellent looking at all this child’s bike’s good and bad points! We suggest getting it since it’s affordable and has everything needed. Assembling this bike at home is a breeze. It even has a toolkit to help you make it in just half an hour. All you have to do is tighten a few screws. This will allow your boy to ride comfortably and safely.

2. Leader Xtreme 26T IBC Off-Road Bike

Our next pick is the Leader Xtreme, a top choice for an affordable mountain bike with 26-inch wheels, perfect for kids in India. It boasts nearly all the features and qualities an ideal mountain bike should have.

This bike is super comfy for 12-year-olds thanks to its back suspension and broad PU-padded seat (saddle). This ensures an enjoyable ride on Indian roads.

The Leader brand’s bike features an 18″ solid steel frame, making it sturdy and suitable for girls and boys up to 14.

If your kids (9 to 14) are between 5 feet to 5.10 feet tall, then the Leader Xtreme 26T MTB is just the right bike for them. Essentially, this bike is crafted with taller kids in mind.

2. Leader Xtreme 26T IBC Off-Road Bike

Choosing a bike for kids also depends on the riding posture. No worries! This bike has a T-shaped handlebar fitted with a soft rubber grip for improved control and comfort.

The bike is equipped with power v brakes, providing easy braking. This brake system is ideal for kids’ bikes as they don’t need disc brakes which can be too powerful and potentially harmful to young riders (beginners).

The bike’s tires have 2.12 extra wide high traction tires with a 26-inch diameter. These offer excellent grip, whether in wet or dry conditions. Safety is not a concern. Your child can have fun riding this bike on any surface.

Key Features of Leader Xtreme 26T:

  • Single-speed bike, perfect for kids aged 10-12.
  • High-quality, extra wide rubber tires for a solid grip.
  • Firm fork for easy ride on all types of roads and off-road conditions.
  • Weight capacity of up to 100kg, but at most 70kg, is recommended for children.

What We Liked About This Bike:

  • Safety is ensured with a chain cover that prevents potential tangles.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame.
  • Built-in back carrier included for an extra person.
  • Accessories such as a side stand, mudguard, and reflectors are provided.
  • Delivered 90% assembled with tools and instructions included in the box.

Areas for Improvement:

  • Rough ride experienced by some users when riding on gravel due to the front suspension.
  • Some riders felt the seat padding could be improved.
  • Suggestion for the company to provide home assembly service to aid users who have difficulty with assembly.

The Bottom Line:

Having tested and ridden this bike, consider the Leader Xtreme 26T MTB. It is a sturdy and ideal mountain bike for your 12-year-old boy. If you’re seeking a budget-friendly bike for a 10-year-old, this Leader Xtreme mountain bike is a great choice.

3. Caya Powered 24T Bicycle

This bike comes partly put together. It must be taken to a store or a professional for complete assembly. The Caya-powered motorcycle is an excellent choice for a 12-year-old child. Its strong brakes will provide your kid with a safe and exciting ride.

3. Caya Powered 24T Bicycle

Main Points of the Caya Fuel Children’s Bike:

  • Front suspension system with shock absorbers for smoother rides on bumpy roads.
  • Strong handles with a built-in grip rotary bell.
  • Adjustable seat with a comfortable saddle.
  • Top-notch BB-quality cartridge pedals designed to prevent slipping.
  • Wheels featuring double-walled alloy rims and broad 24-inch tires.
  • Front and rear discs for maintaining a solid grip during the ride.

Benefits of the Caya Kids Bike:

  • The high-quality metal frame that’s 12.5 inches in size.
  • Thick 2.4-inch tires are ideal for off-road fun and smooth rides.
  • Robust brake system for safer rides.

Downsides of the Caya Kids’ Bike:

  • It may be uncomfortable for a 15-year-old boy.

The Bottom Line:

This light bike with 24-inch wheels offers a comfy ride and easy brake control. Both boys and girls can use this bike. It promises smooth rides on bumpy roads and lasts a long time. The handlebars and brakes are very comfortable and will be loved by your child, as they allow complete control during the ride.

4. DNS Bicycles: 24-Inch Wheels and Twin Disc Brakes

The DNS 300 24T is a top-notch mountain bike for 12-year-old kids, both boys and girls. It’s light but strong, perfect for easy and fun rides. This bike is made for safety and comfort, with big 24-inch wheels and a sturdy frame.

4. DNS Bicycles_ 24-Inch Wheels and Twin Disc Brakes

Unique Features of the DNS Bike:

  • This bike is just right for boys aged ten or older.
  • It’s a one-speed mountain bike with two disc brakes.
  • It comes with a front steel suspension and an 18-inch frame size.
  • The bike arrives 85% put together and includes a handy tool kit.
  • The motorcycle has steel rims and a handlebar that won’t slip.

What we love about the DNS 300:

  • This bike has a spot for a water bottle, reflectors, and a stand on the side.
  • It’s a bike for both boys and girls so that all kids can enjoy their dream ride.
  • This bike for all kids comes with a plastic mudguard.
  • It comes with a chain guard and a comfy seat.

What we didn’t like about the DNS 300 Kids Bike:

  • This DNS 300 24T bike doesn’t come with any gears.

The Bottom Line:

This bike for everyone makes riding easy because of its solid and dependable brakes. The frame is made from high-quality steel, which makes it look nice. It’s one of the top budget-friendly bikes for 12-year-old boys in India.

If you’re after a bike that doesn’t cost much, with comfy grips on the handlebar, then the DNS 300 24T is the best choice. It would make a great birthday gift for your child aged 10-12.

5. Hero Sprint Thorn 24-Inch One-Speed Mountain Bike

The Hero Sprint Thorn 24-inch one-speed mountain bike is an excellent choice for both 12-year-old boys and girls in India. It has a fantastic design with brakes at the front and back. It also comes with a mudguard and back reflectors, making every ride easy and smooth.

5. Hero Sprint Thorn 24-Inch One-Speed Mountain Bike

This bike has a steel handlebar that can be adjusted up to 80mm. This keeps your child from straining their wrists and arms. This Hero bike has strong brakes at the front and back, giving complete control throughout the ride, even on bumpy paths. It’s the perfect bike for a 12-year-old boy, and it’s reasonably priced.

Extra Details about Hero Sprint Thorn:

  • Perfect for 10-year-olds: This is also a one-speed mountain bike for 10-year-old boys.
  • Strong Brakes: The Hero bike comes with sturdy V brakes.
  • Solid Wheels: The bike’s wheels are stable and measure 24 inches.
  • Light and Firm: It’s a light bike with a firm suspension.
  • Durable Frame: The frame is made from top-grade steel, making it last longer.

Advantages of the Hero Kids Bike:

  • Powerful Brakes: This bike for 12-year-olds has strong V brakes.
  • Safe Features: It has tires that won’t slip and a cover for the chain.
  • Suitable Components: This mountain bike has a 40T crankset and a cottered BB set.
  • Additional Accessories: This 24-inch one-speed mountain bike comes with a mudguard and reflectors at the front and back.

Drawbacks of this Hero Kids Bike:

  • Lack of Gears: It doesn’t have gears and is for 12-year-old boys in India.

The Bottom Line:

This is the top bike for a 12-year-old boy in India. It’s simple and comfy to use, even on rough paths. When you get this bike, it will be partly put together. You need to finish putting it together with help from a technician. It comes with a main tool kit. The bike’s pedals are strong, so your child won’t slip off when riding on bumpy ground.

6. Hercules MTB Turbo drives the Rocky 3.0 26T Bike.

The Hercules Rocky 26T mountain bike is a great, low-cost bike for a 10-year-old boy with excellent parts. This bike is perfect for getting to school and riding around the local area. It’s a 26-inch bike that has lots of great uses.

6. Hercules MTB Turbo drives the Rocky 3.0 26T Bike

This bike has a robust, trendy frame and a new, comfy handlebar for easy riding on rough roads.

Main Points of Hercules Turbo Drive Rocky:

  • This bike has a 19-inch frame and is built with top-notch steel and a strong carrier.
  • It has a turbo drive crank, which is great for speedy biking.
  • This Hercules 26T bike has calliper brakes.
  • It features an alloy lever and a 26-inch wheel size.

Advantages of the Hercules Kids Bike:

  • The Hercules 26T mountain bike is perfect for boys who are 12 years old.
  • The bike comes with a mudguard.
  • This 3.0RF 26T bike includes a solid steel fork.

Disadvantages of the Turbodrive Rocky 3.0

  • This bike doesn’t have gears.
  • It’s not suitable for riding uphill.

The Bottom Line:

Hercules is a great company that aims to give kids stylish, durable bikes. This Hercules 26T mountain bike is also the top choice for 10-year-old boys in India. It makes kids’ rides to school or their buddy’s house easy and worry-free.

This is a cost-friendly mixed-use bike for young boys. It has pedals that won’t slip and a comfy handlebar for complete control. This way, the rider can bike around without worrying about unexpected mishaps.

7. Hero MIG RS Non-Gear Street Bicycle

The Hero MIG RS 26T is one of the best bikes you can find for sale. It has excellent features like big 24-inch wheels and an adjustable stand. It also has a solid fork suspension for smoother rides. The seat is made of comfy PU foam. If you want a bike with only one speed but lots of extras, the Hero MIG RS 26T is a good pick. It’s eye-catching and comes with good features. Plus, it’s built to last.

7. Hero MIG RS Non-Gear Street Bicycle

Hero MIG Kids’ Bike Special Features:

  • One-speed bike, great for 10-year-old girls too
  • It comes with wired brakes
  • Solid suspension, an 18-inch frame, and 26-inch wheels
  • A street bike with a chain cover, perfect for everyday rides

What We Like About the Hero MIG 26T:

  • Special ends on the handlebars to keep it safe if it falls
  • Non-slip pedals, so you keep your grip while pedalling
  • The frame is made of top-notch steel, so it’s sturdy
  • Tires that won’t slip
  • It comes with a metal guard for mud

What We Didn’t Enjoy:

  • The bike doesn’t have any gears.

The Bottom Line:

This bike has special tires that won’t slip, making your ride smoother. The frame is made of solid steel, so it doesn’t get damaged easily and lasts longer. The Hero MIG RS 26T is perfect for every day and speedy rides, and it’s not too pricey.

Purchasing Guide: Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Bike for a 12-Year-Old Boy in India

Are you looking for the top bike for boys aged 10-12 in India? Check out this guide. It’ll help you find the perfect bike size for your child.

1. Choose the correct bike size:

When picking a bike, parents often go for a larger size, thinking it will last longer. But this can make riding difficult and potentially dangerous for kids. So, always choose a bike that fits your child’s age and size. Here’s a handy chart to help you pick the right bike size for kids.

2. Opt for a top-quality bike:

Many bikes sold in India are made of heavy steel, making them hard for kids to ride. When buying a bike for your 12-year-old, look for one made from high-quality steel or a lightweight model.

3. Decide between geared or non-geared bikes:

A geared bike might be a good fit if your son is an expert cyclist. But if he’s still learning, a single-speed bike is best. It helps him learn how to balance, turn, and brake properly. You can upgrade to a geared bike once he’s got the hang of it.

4.Pick the correct wheel size for the bike:

When buying a bike, parents often need clarification about the frame and wheel size. This can lead to a poor fit and wasted money. If your child is older than 12, go for a bike with 24 to 26 inches across wheels.

5. Don’t forget to check the brakes:

When you’re buying a bike, it’s essential to pay attention to the brakes. Find out if they are disc or wired brakes, and ensure they’re easy for your child to use.

  • Aim for a bike with basic features.
  • Avoid cycles with dual suspension.
  • Gears are only necessary if your child will be riding long distances.
  • A gearless motorcycle is suitable for 12-year-olds.
  • Look for essential extras like a side stand, mudguard, and bell.
  • Budget bikes might include something other than these features.
  • If you’re investing money, ensure these features are included in your child’s bike.

Final Thoughts on the Top Bikes for Boys Aged 10-12 in India

In summary, bikes with 24-inch and 26-inch wheels are the top choices for 12-year-old kids in India. Even though many aren’t fans of single-speed bikes, these are ideal for beginners. They’re perfect for 12-year-old girls still mastering balance, steering, and braking.

These bikes are designed with their age and skill level in mind to prevent accidents. They’re budget-friendly, easy to use, and packed with excellent features. All the bikes mentioned earlier will ensure a fun and comfy ride for your boy without causing any harm.

FAQs: Top Bicycles for 12-year-old Boys in India

Q1. What’s the top cycle brand in India for a 10-year-old boy?

Many renowned cycle brands cater to 10-year-old boys in India. However, Hero and Hercules are the most popular ones that offer great cycles packed with features.

Q2. What bicycle wheel size is ideal for a 12-year-old boy?

The best wheel sizes for 12-year-old boys are 24-inch and 26-inch. You can pick any based on your budget and gift your child the perfect cycle.

Q3. Which gear cycle is recommended for a 12-year-old kid?

We recommend getting a non-geared cycle for 12-year-olds as they still learn balancing, turning, and braking. A non-gear bike would work well if your child is an experienced cyclist.

Q4. What’s the best bicycle for 12-year-old kids in India?

While there’s a vast range of bicycles for 12-year-olds in India, the Caya-fueled cycle is often considered the top choice. It comes with fantastic features and 24-inch wheel size.

Q5. Where can you purchase a bike for a 12-year-old child?

You can buy it from a store or online for more time. Just check all the details of the best bicycle for a 12-year-old boy in India before buying.

Q6. What’s the finest bike under 10000 rupees in India for a 12-year-old boy?

The Hercules Rocky 26T mountain bike, filled with unique features, is the top bicycle under 10,000 rupees for 12-year-old boys in India.

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