Top 10 Best Hybrid Cycles In India Under 20000 INR | (Sep 2023)

Choosing an affordable hybrid cycle in India costing less than 20,000 rupees can take time and effort. You might be wondering about the top mixed bicycle brands in India, the advantages of hybrid bikes, and which one would suit you best.

You’re in the right place if these questions are on your mind.

In this post, I’ll share the five most popular hybrid cycles under 20,000 rupees in India and guide you in picking the best one for your needs. So, stay with me until the end to discover the perfect bike for you.

Understanding Hybrid Bikes

You might be wondering, “What is a hybrid bicycle?” Well, let’s break it down. ‘hybrid’ refers to a mix of two or three things. So, when we talk about a hybrid bicycle, we’re referring to a bike that blends the features of road and mountain bikes. These bikes are great for everyday travel; some people in parts of India even call them ‘ranger cycles.’

Typical Features of Hybrid Bikes:

When we’re looking for something, it’s essential to learn all about it. Having complete knowledge can be helpful. With it, you might get the right idea about something. So, let’s understand the features of the top hybrid bikes in India that are priced below Rs. 20000.

Hybrid Bicycle Frame:

These bikes boast a sturdy and lightweight design, with their frames primarily made of budget-friendly aluminum. However, if you have additional funds, consider getting a bike with a carbon fiber frame. Smafewnufacturers produce these due to the even lighter weight they offer compared to aluminum frames, hitmaking bikes easier to lift and carry.

Braking Systems:

Hybrid bikes generally feature one of two brake types: v brakes or disc brakes. Both are efficient when stopping on dry ground, but disc brakes work better in damp weather conditions.

Gear System:

Hybrid bikes typically come with seven to eight gears for easy riding. Some even have up to eleven bags for increased speed and functionality. However, a single-speed hybrid bike might be the best choice if you’re starting and want a simple ride.


The tires of a hybrid bike are chunkier than those on a road bike but a bit slimmer than a mountain bike, or sometimes the same as a mountain bike. This makes hybrid bikes versatile, as they can handle both paved and unpaved roads, serving the purpose of a road and mountain bike.

Luggage Rack:

Many classic hybrid bikes come with racks or carriers carrying lots of stuff. This could be a good option if you need to transport your bags for work or school. Most standard bikes have a page at the back, while some models designed for women feature a rack at the front.

Front Shock Absorber:

Some people believe that having suspension on a hybrid bike isn’t beneficial due to the extra weight it adds. However, considering the rough conditions of many roads in India, especially in rural areas, it’s worth it. A front suspension on your hybrid bike can soak up bumps, helping you stay balanced on gravel roads and preventing discomfort in your shoulders and back. Consider a front suspension fork with a lockout feature.

These are essential features to remember when choosing the best hybrid bike in India for under 20000 INR.

Benefits of a Hybrid Bike

Here are some benefits of hybrid bikes that might help you make your decision:

  • Hybrid bikes can easily handle all types of roads, from smooth pavements to rough trails.
  • The design of hybrid bikes provides a comfortable ride. The handlebars are slightly higher than the saddle for a relaxed riding posture.
  • A hybrid bike is easy and comfortable, thanks to its upright seating position.
  • These bikes are excellent for beginners just starting to cycle, as they’re great for daily commuting and promote proper body posture.
  • Because of the upright seating position on hybrid bikes, riders have a good view of their surroundings.
  • Hybrid bikes are designed to carry more weight, making them a good choice if you often need to transport heavy items.
  • These bikes are lighter than mountain bikes (MTBs) and perform better on rough roads than regular road bikes.

Who is the right fit for a hybrid bike?

Hybrid bikes are for everyone, regardless of age. They’re perfect for those just starting, elderly riders, school kids, and college students. Even if you’re joining BRM events, a hybrid bike can be a great choice.

Top 5 Hybrid Bikes In India Under 20000

The hybrid bikes listed below are all high-quality and have been enjoyed by many bike lovers for quite a while. Pick the one that you like best and meets your needs. Let’s dive in!

1. OMO Bikes 29T Hybrid Cycle with 700C Alloy Frame

Omobikes is a well-known Indian bike brand famous for its high-quality hybrid bikes. One of their standout models is the Omobikes Alloy 700c. This bike features slim 29-inch nylon tires that provide excellent grip on the road.

This hybrid bike can be used by both men and women, exceptionally tall ones. This bike will fit you nicely if you’re between 5 and 6 feet 1 inch tall. For those above 6 feet, the saddle height can be easily adjusted with a quick-release feature so that you can start your ride comfortably.

1. OMO Bikes 29T

The bike comes fully fitted with 21-speed gear shifters and derailleurs from the Shimano company. It uses Shimano fire shifters alongside alloy brake levers. You’ll also find a Shimano Tourney derailleur at the front and a Shimano Acera derailleur at the back.

This bike uses a 17.5-inch aluminum frame, making it light and straightforward. It boasts a unique and stylish design in an eye-catching color.

Being a hybrid bike, it features a sturdy fork at the front, crafted from aluminum alloy. It also comes with mechanical disc brakes on both sides for immediate stopping.

To help you make an informed choice, I’ve outlined some prominent features, benefits, and drawbacks below.

Unique Attributes:

  • The bike arrives 90% assembled. Only the front tire, handlebar, pedals, and reflectors must be attached. Assembly tools and instructions are included for easy setup.
  • It comes with a sturdy steel fork, but customization options are available on the OMO bike website.
  • The bike features double-walled alloy rims to help prevent rust.


  • The bike is as light as a feather because it’s made from an alloy frame.
  • It has a quick-release clamp also made from alloy.
  • The pedals are alloy, don’t slip, and have reflectors.
  • It has things to keep off mud and a stand for the side.
  • There are already spots for putting a bottle holder.
  • The frame has a warranty of 2 years.


  • Gear shifting might be challenging because it uses parts from Tourney and Acera.
  • There’s no suspension fork in this price range, which could be better for roads in India.
  • There’s no carrier included, but you have the option to add one.

The bottom line:

It would help if you bought this hybrid bike. It’s our top pick for the best budget hybrid bikes. This bike has almost all the features a rider would want in a hybrid bike. It has tires that are 700x35c, rims made of alloy, two disc brakes, a 17.5-inch alloy frame, and it only weighs 13.5 kg. In short, it’s the best hybrid bike under 20k for everything except mountain biking.

2. Pro Wanderer 700C by VECTOR 91

If you want a bike that can do many things and costs less than 20000 rupees, the Vector 91 Wanderer Pro 700c might be just what you need. You can ride it on flat roads or trails.

This bike has a frame (18.5 inches) like a mountain bike. It’s made from solid carbon steel and has a flat handlebar. The tires are thicker than road bikes (700x35c).

2. Pro Wanderer 700C by VECTOR 91

The Wanderer Pro performs well. You’ll have a great time riding it on flat roads because of its solid front suspension and comfy PU saddle. It also goes fast thanks to its thin tires, and the gear shifting is smooth with Microshift gear parts.

If you’re between 5’4″ and 6’3″ tall, this bike is perfect for getting to school, going to classes, riding around town, and biking for fun.

Unique Attributes:

  • The bike has disc brakes on both sides for quick stopping.
  • It also has thin tires that stick well to the road.
  • These tires are put on alloy rims that are light, strong, and don’t rust.
  • This hybrid bike uses 21-speed Microshift gear changers and derailleurs.


  • The bike is light, so it’s easy to ride.
  • It has a strong steel frame that’s welded with TIG.
  • You can choose between two colors: army green and white-orange.
  • The pedals have reflectors and are made from plastic that won’t slip.
  • The frame and fork have a 6-month warranty.


  • There are no mudguards included in this price range.
  • It doesn’t have a suspension fork at the front.

The bottom line:

We’ve looked at this bike’s good and bad points and decided to place it at number 2 on our list. The Wanderer Pro hybrid bike comes from the well-known 91 Bicycles brand. It’s a great bike for riding in the city on smooth or semi-rough roads. It would help if you considered this gear bike.

3. Hybrid Bike Rapide from Firefox Bikes

The Firefox Rapide hybrid bike is perfect for city biking. It performs very well on town streets and is excellent for long trips. You can use this bike to help you lose weight too.

If you’re unfamiliar with Firefox bikes, they’re a top-quality Indian bike brand. So, you can trust that this hybrid bike is of a high standard, as they never cut corners on quality.

This bike has no suspension and a solid fork designed for road use. This makes the bike lighter, faster, and more affordable. This hybrid bike is a good choice if you primarily ride on roads.

3. Hybrid Bike Rapide from Firefox Bikes

In terms of its shape, it has a frame made of an alloy that’s 18 inches, rims also made of alloy with strong spokes, and thin tires for faster speeds.

The recommended height for riders of this bike is between 5’4″ and 6 feet. You can raise the seat using the quick-release feature if you’re taller.

As for the brakes, there are no disc brakes under 20k, only v-brakes made of alloy. These work well but may be less effective when the tires are wet.

The drivetrain, a crucial bike part, must run smoothly for a good ride. If it does, you might have problems while riding.

So, it features 21-speed gears from the Microsoft brand. This includes a 3-speed Microshift M22 front gear changer, a 7-speed back gear changer, and TS38 shifters. It also has wide pedals that prevent slipping and a crankset made of alloy (28/28/38T, 170MM).

Unique Attributes:

  • It has a metal handlebar (600mm, 300mm rise) that’s comfortable to hold.
  • The headset is made of steel without threads and has an adjustable alloy stem.
  • There’s a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 6-month warranty on other parts (for factory defects only).


  • The seat is very comfy and has a quick-release feature.
  • The front wheel can quickly be removed for easy moving.
  • The bike’s first service is free to ensure it’s working well.
  • Both men and women can use this bike.
  • It comes in two different colors.


  • This bike might need to be more comfortable on bumpy ground.
  • There are no mudguards or disc brakes for this price.
  • No front suspension is included.

The bottom line:

If you’re looking for a high-quality hybrid bike under 20000 with a classic look, this bike is excellent for road riding, brm cycling events, losing weight, and long trips. This is one of the best hybrid bikes in India under 20k.

4. Triad X4 700C Hybrid Bike for All Genders

The Triad X4 is a top-notch hybrid bike under 20000 for both men and women. It features an 18-inch aluminum frame and 28-inch tires with excellent grip on double-wall alloy rims, making it suitable for all surfaces.

This bike has a stylish and unique color that grabs attention quickly. It’s perfect for uphill rides, thanks to its 21-speed Shimano tourney gears that ensure smooth and easy cycling.

4. Triad X4 700C Hybrid Bike

It has mechanical disc brakes on both the front and back for fast braking. Comfort is guaranteed with a soft PU saddle, a front suspension fork, and a lockout feature.

If you’re between 5’4″ to 6’1″, this 18-inch frame bike is the perfect fit for you. Thanks to its quick-release feature, the seat height can be adjusted without needing any tools. If you need help determining the right bike frame and wheel size, check out the bicycle sizing guide.

Unique Attributes:

  • Triad X4 700C has a fast-release front tire for easy changes.
  • The bike is made from a lightweight alloy material.
  • The suspension can be locked, which is helpful for flat-road riding.
  • The cycle allows for comfortable, upright seating.


  • The bike frame and suspension fork comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Handlebar grips are cushioned to protect hands from shock.
  • Disc brakes work well in all weather conditions.
  • The color of the bike is unique and eye-catching.


  • The bike doesn’t include a side stand or mudguards.
  • The brake setup might need to be clarified initially due to international standards.
  • The bike has a weight limit of up to 90 kg, which is unsuitable for heavier individuals.

The bottom line:

Triad is an internationally recognized bike brand that also sells in India. These bikes are praised for their quality and performance. This bike could be a good option if you weigh less than 90kg. It’s ideal for long rides, city biking, and commuting. The Triad X4 is considered one of India’s best hybrid bikes available for under 20000.

5. Unveiling the CARDIAC Discover Pro 700C: A Superior Hybrid Bicycle

Here’s a more straightforward version of the text you’ve provided, and it’s unique:

Our final pick is the Discover Pro 700C, a hybrid bicycle from the well-respected brand, Cardiac. This bike is recognized for its durable frame, quick speed, and top-notch ride.

The Discover Pro boasts a 21-speed Shimano Tourney gear system, handy when cycling uphill or on rough trails. The bike features a 19-inch steel frame that’s strong and has a pleasing design and color.

CARDIAC Discover Pro 700C

The bike uses Shimano EF500 shifters for smooth gear changes, and the brake levers work well. As for stopping power, it has a mechanical disc brake (160mm) that performs superbly, especially with the front suspension fork.

The Discover Pro rides on 28-inch (700c) nylon tires, ensuring swift speeds and a firm grip even when wet. These tires are mounted on double-wall alloy rims, and the spokes are also high-quality.

Unique Attributes:

  • The bike’s suspension can be locked for better pedal power on flat roads.
  • With 21 speeds, it’s great for city riding and climbing hills.
  • It has non-slip alloy pedals with reflectors.


  • The front wheel can be quickly removed without tools.
  • Extras include a kickstand, mudguards, reflectors, and assembly tools.
  • The saddle has a modern design and soft cushioning.
  • This stylish bike comes in two fabulous colors and costs less than 20000 rupees in India.
  • Its lightweight and good looks can make you the talk of your school or neighborhood.


  • The bike doesn’t have an alloy frame at this price.
  • It’s not suitable for people under 5’4″.

The bottom line:

This hybrid bike is excellent for sports, fitness, and commuting. It provides a comfortable and easy ride. It’s suitable for people aged 15 and over, and this bike is perfect for you if you’re taller than 5’5″. Both men and women can use it.

Varieties of Hybrid Bikes Categorized by Tyre Width

Hybrid bikes are great for many things, like getting to work, riding far, or seeing new parts of town. We’ve sorted hybrid bikes into four kinds based on what they’re best used for:

1. Bikes for Commuting

Commuter bikes are a type of hybrid bike mainly used for going from one place to another. They’re good for riding on smooth roads for both short and long trips.

These bikes have unique features like a guard around the chain for extra safety, big seats, slim tires on 700c wheels, and frames made of solid metal to carry heavy stuff. They also have a straight fork, a rack at the back, and mudguards on both sides.

Some commuter bikes even have lights for when it’s not bright outside. If you need a bike for riding to work, a commuter hybrid bike is a great choice.

2. Bikes for Trekking

Trekking bikes are great for bike touring or brm cycling events. These bikes are a mix of road and mountain bikes, so they’re suitable for riding on smooth, rough roads.

Trekking bikes have handy features like fenders on both sides, racks for carrying things, holders for water bottles, and lights.

3. Comfort Bikes

Comfort or hybrid bikes are all about making the rider feel good. They’re like mountain bikes but with different shapes. This change means the person riding the bike sits up straight and has a nice, comfy ride, whether it’s a long or short trip.

4. Cross Bikes

Next up, we have Cross Bikes. Think of these as road bikes plus a bit more. They have a flat handlebar like a road bike, but their tires are special. These tires can handle arduous gravel, mud, and sand paths.

This article discusses all kinds of hybrid bikes you can buy for less than 20000 in India. Read the whole thing to learn about the best hybrid bikes under 20000 rupees.

Online Shopping Guide: Purchasing a Hybrid Bike

You may have noticed that hybrid bikes come in different styles, depending on how thick the tires are, how the frame is built, and what you plan to use the bike for. Here are a few essential things to remember when shopping for a hybrid bike, whether you’re buying it online or in a store.

1. Choose a Bike with a Light Frame

Hybrid bikes can have frames of different materials, like aluminum, carbon, and steel. Steel is the heaviest but also solid and gives you a smooth ride.

But if you live in an apartment and don’t have space downstairs to store your bike, choose one with a carbon frame. It’s the lightest option but can be a bit more expensive.

Alternatively, you could pick a bike with an aluminum or alloy frame. These are also very strong, light, and comfortable to ride.

2. Why are Disc Brakes Better than Power V Brakes?

Hybrid bikes can have two types of brakes: power v brakes and disc brakes. Disc brakes work better because they’re located at the center of the tires, so they don’t get wet when you’re riding on wet roads. This means they still work well in wet conditions.

On the other hand, power v brakes use rubber to stop the rims. But if the edges are wet, they continue the bike more quickly.

Disc brakes come in two kinds: hydraulic and mechanical. Hydraulic disc brakes are usually the best choice because brake fluid provides strong stopping power with less effort from your fingers.

Mechanical disc brakes use wires to stop the wheel. They’re cheaper than hydraulic brakes and require less upkeep.

3. Choose a Hybrid Bike That Suits Your Needs

Several types of hybrid bikes are out there, each designed for a specific purpose. Some bikes are made just for exercise, others are built for outdoor adventures, some can be folded up for easy storage, and some are specially designed for women.

Pick the bike that matches what you need. If you want to get fit, go for a fitness-focused bike. If you love exploring, choose an adventure-focused bike. A foldable bike could be your best bet if you’re short on space.

And if you’re a woman looking for a bike designed to your needs, don’t worry. A wide range of bikes are available that cater to every need – as long as you’re willing to invest a bit in your purchase.

Final Thoughts on Top-Rated Hybrid Bikes in India Below 20,000

Hybrid bikes are versatile and come in various styles to meet the needs of riders. Cycling, in general, is a fun way to stay fit and offers a sense of adventure. Plus, who doesn’t have fond memories of biking around as a kid?

FAQs: Top Hybrid Bikes for Less Than 20,000 in India

Can hybrid bikes help with weight loss?

Sure they can! Hybrid bikes are versatile bicycles that are great for commuting, long rides, and especially for weight loss exercises. They’re designed to meet your fitness goals, so you can trust them to assist in your weight loss journey.

Is it worth buying a hybrid bike?

Absolutely! Hybrid bikes combine the best features of mountain and road bikes. They’re versatile, great for maintaining fitness, adventure-ready, and some even fold up for easy storage.

How far can you ride a hybrid bike?

The distance you can travel on a hybrid bike is really up to you – there’s no limit! On average, riders can cover around 80-120km daily. That’s quite a distance!

Are hybrid bikes comfortable?

Yes, indeed! Hybrid bikes provide comfort both on smooth roads and rough terrains. Their sturdy build, comfy saddles, and pedals make them even more comfortable than standard road bikes.

What’s a good speed for a hybrid bike?

Typically, you can expect to ride on a hybrid bike at a speed of 13 to 30 km per hour. They’re usually faster than mountain bikes.

Which hybrid cycle is the most powerful?

The Specialized Sirrus 2.0, Marin Fairfax 1, and Trek FX Sport 6 are among the most potent hybrid bikes, according to sources from, The New York Times, and Forbes.

Is a hybrid cycle faster than usual?

Hybrid bikes can be faster than traditional mountain bikes due to their lighter weight and narrower tires, which reduce rolling resistance. However, the speed can vary depending on the rider and the specific design of the bike.

Which cycle is best in hybrid?

The Marin Fairfax 1, Specialized Sirrus 2.0, and Cannondale Quick CX 1 have been highlighted as some of the best hybrid bikes by The New York Times,, and Bicycle Guider, respectively.

Why are hybrids faster?

Hybrid bikes tend to be faster than traditional bikes because they combine the lightweight design of road bikes with the robust durability of mountain bikes. This combination allows for speed on various types of terrain.

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