11 Best Gear Cycle Brands In India 2023 – Top Brands

When we want to buy something new, we always try to find the best. We trust brands because they have been around a long time and make good.

We at Cycling Guru look for the best bike brands with gears. We do this by comparing different companies and finding the perfect one for riders in India.

To save you time, we wrote this article. It will tell you about the top bike brands with gear in India. We’ll also help you pick the perfect one.

So, keep reading to find out the best bike brands with gears for kids and adults. We will also show you how to choose the perfect Bike with loads at the end of this article.

Budget-wise Categorization of Best Gear Bicycle Brands in India

We have different types of bicycles in India based on how much money you want to spend. There are three categories:

Low BudgetMedium BudgetHigh Budget
Hero CyclesOMO BikesNinety-One Bikes
AvonHercules CyclesFirefox Bikes
Urban TerrainCradiac CyclesDecathlon (BTWIN)
Leader cyclesBtwin CyclesMontra Bicycles

Top 11 Best Gear Cycle Brands in India in 2023

The top 11 best gear cycles brands in India in 2023 are Hercules, Hero, Ninety One Bikes, Firefox Bikes, Leader Cycles, Montra Bicycles, OMO Bikes, Cardiac Cycles, Avon Cycles, Giant Bicycles, and Urban Terrain. Let’s now dig into it one by one.


Hercules is a famous name when we talk about bikes. This bike company started in 1951 and is named after Hercules, the strong Greek god. People worldwide know about these bikes because they are solid, just like their name.


They make all kinds of bikes you can think of, like ranger bikes, hybrid bikes, and mountain bikes. Their gear bikes are excellent and some of the best in India and other countries.

You can find Hercules bikes in local shops, their stores, and on their website. The price for their gear bikes is between 8,000 INR and 50,000 INR.

Here are some of their best bike models:

  • Roadeo NFS 29t
  • Hercules Dynor RF
  • Hercules Flunk
  • Hercules Hister

Quick Facts

Who Started ItMurugappa Group
When It Started1951
Where It’s BasedUK
Where You Can Find ItAll over the world
Price RangeRs. 4,000 – Rs. 30,000


  • Bikes that don’t cost too much
  • Known for high-quality ranger bikes
  • Bikes have solid tires and light steel frames
  • Suitable for riding on city streets and off-road paths. Things to Keep in Mind:


  • People who aren’t very tall might need help finding the right Bike.

Hero Cycles

Hero Cycles is a famous bike brand in India, started by four friends in 1956. At first, they only made bike parts, but they slowly became one of India’s top bike makers.

Hero Cycles

The company makes excellent gear bikes that don’t cost too much, like the Hero RX2, Hero Octane Endeavour (Sprint Pro), and Hero Sprint Next.

They also make electric bikes called Hero Lectro bikes, which are very popular in India. These bikes are found on Amazon, their website, and other online stores. Their gear bikes cost between INR 7000 and INR 60000. You can learn more on their website, herocycles.com.

Here are some excellent Hero bike models:

  • Hero Sprint Growler
  • Hero Kyoto
  • Hero Sprint Santiago

A little bit about Hero Cycles:

BrandStarted by
Hero CyclesBrijmohan Lall Munjal, OP Munjal, S Munjal, and D Munjal
Started in1956
Main officeLudhiana, Punjab, India
Worldwide salesYes, they sell bikes all over the world
PricesRs. 5,000 – Rs. 60,000+


  • They’re not too expensive
  • The gear bikes are excellent
  • They’re fun to ride
  • They use both Shimano and micro shift gears
  • They’re easy to ride and not too heavy


  • Some people might not like that some people prefer heavier bikes.


Ninety-One Bike is a company that makes mountain bikes. It was started by two brothers, Sachin Chopra, and Vishal Chopra, in 2015.

They make all kinds of bikes like E-Bikes, MTBs, ATBs, Hybrid Bikes, Kids Bikes, and Road Bikes. They also work with KTM bikes. Their bikes cost between 60,000 and 3,00,000 rupees.


They want to make riding bikes more fun for people in India. Riding a bike is an old way to get around, but they want to make it new and different.

You can find their bikes on their website. The prices of their gear cycles are between 11000 and 40000 rupees. If you have about 25000 rupees, they have some great MTB choices.

Here are some of their top models:

  • Ninety-one Defeatr Pro
  • Ninety-one Skullrider
  • 91 RAPTOR 26T
  • 91 VANTAGEX 27.5T


Founded BySachin Chopra and Vishal Chopra
Established in2015
Price RangeRs. 5,000 – Rs. 40,000+


  • Good brakes and frames made of solid carbon steel.
  • Excellent customer service after you buy a bike.
  • Lifetime warranty for the frame.
  • Free shipping to your house with assembly included.
  • Bicycles are made for people who ride for fun.


  • There aren’t any bad things said about them yet.

Firefox Bikes

Firefox Bike is a top-notch bike brand known for its gear bikes in India. Shiv Inder Singh started this company in 2005 to make biking fun for everyone. Today, it’s one of the best gear bike brands in India.

These bikes are sold all around the world, which makes them unique.

You might wonder where to buy a Firefox bike or how to do it. You can find Firefox bikes in stores and online.

Firefox Bikes

If you live in a rural area and can’t find a store nearby, don’t worry! You can order a Firefox bike from their official website or Amazon.

Firefox bike prices usually range from 10,000 to 45,000 rupees in India. This might seem like a lot, but there’s a reason why Firefox bikes are costly.

Here are the top 3 gear bike models from Firefox:

  • Firefox Bikes Bad Attitude Grunge
  • Firefox Bikes Cyclone D
  • Firefox Bikes Nexus-D

Quick Info

Founded ByShiv Inder Singh
Established in2005
HeadquartersGurgaon, Haryana, India
Price RangeRs. 5,000 – Rs. 45,000


  • Bikes for all ages
  • Strong disc brakes
  • The first service is free (online)
  • Mainly makes road bikes, hybrid bikes, and mountain bikes
  • High-quality steel frames make the cycles last a long time. Things to Keep in Mind:


  • These bikes can be a bit pricey
  1. Leader Cycles

Leader Cycles is a new bike company started by Rajinder Kumar Jindal. They make excellent, dependable bikes.

Their bikes have tires that grip the road well and are easy to ride. They also put together the Bike for their customers for free anywhere in India.

Leader Cycles

They make many different gear bikes that look so cool you’ll want them all!

You can buy Leader Bikes on their website or Amazon India. Right now, they don’t sell bikes in stores.

Leader gear bikes cost less than many other gear bikes in India. Their prices are usually between 9000 INR and 20000 INR.

Here are some of their best gear bikes:

  • Leader Gladiator
  • Leader Ultima & Krypton
  • LEADER 700C 21-Speed Hybrid City Cycle

Quick Info

Founded ByJindals
Established in1977
HeadquartersLudhiana, Punjab, India
Price RangeRs. 3,000 – Rs. 60,000


  • They don’t cost too much
  • The bike frame has a lifetime warranty
  • They make bikes for everyone (men, women, and kids)
  • They’re great for riding over bumpy ground
  • They have solid ties and frames, so they last a long time
  • They make different kinds of bikes like hybrid, mountain, and ranger bikes


  • If you’re taller than 6 feet 5 inches, these bikes might not fit you best.

Montra Bicycles

Montra Bicycles is a big bike brand in India, with its main office in Kerala. They only sold their bikes in India and were the first to make bikes with carbon frames in India.

You can find their bikes on other shopping sites and on their website. They have lots of different bikes to choose from.

Montra Bicycles

Their gear bikes cost between 15,000 INR and 60,000 INR. Here are some of their best models:

  • MONTRA MADROCK 7X3 Geared Bicycle
  • Montra Helicon Disc Cycle


Founded ByTube Investments
Established in1949
HeadquartersKerala, South India
Price RangeRs. 11,000 – Rs. 80,000


  • They make light gear bikes (they use carbon for the frame)
  • They make bikes for boys and girls
  • They’re creating more models and designs
  • They’re trendy for Gear Mountain bikes


  • They’re one of the more expensive bike brands in India

OMO Bikes

OMO Bikes is a company that was started by two friends who graduated from IIT in 2016. They thought about the problems with roads in India and made bikes that would work well on them. Some of their bikes even run in the sunlight! They care about their customers and help them even after buying a motorcycle.

OMO Bikes

OMO bikes are made in India for Indian roads. With all their excellent features, many people think they’re one of the best bike companies in India.

You can find their bikes on their website and other online stores. Their gear bikes cost between 8,000 INR and 40,000 INR.

Here are some of their best bikes:

  • Omo Bikes Manali G7 MTB
  • Omo Bikes Ladakh
  • Omo Bikes Shillong MTB
  • Vagator 26T

Quick Info

Founded ByBhishma Choudhary & Deepak Chauhan
Established in2016
Price RangeRs. 6,000 – Rs. 40,000+


  • They come almost all put together
  • You can change how the bikes look
  • They’re well-made and look cool
  • They have good brakes and tires
  • They help customers even after they buy a bike
  • They look classic and aren’t too heavy


  • One thing that could be better is the seat on the Bike. 

Cardiac Cycles

Cardiac is a bike brand that cares about ensuring people riding their bikes are comfortable. This is super important if you like to ride your Bike for a long time.

Sometimes, when you ride a bike for too long, parts of your body might hurt. But Cardiac focuses on ensuring this doesn’t happen so you can have the best bike ride.

Cardiac Cycles

You can find out more about them on their website. If you’re wondering how much a Cradiac bike costs, they usually range from 11,000 INR to 26,000 INR.

Here are some of their excellent bike models:

  • CARDIAC Gunner PRO Maroon
  • CARDIAC Discover PRO
  • CARDIAC Xplorer

Quick Info

Founded ByGroup of Passionate Cyclists
Founded in2017
Price RangeRs. 8,000 – Rs. 30,000+


  • Fair prices
  • Lifetime warranty for the bike frame
  • Excellent customer service after buying
  • It helps riders go faster
  • High-quality tires for a smooth and safe ride


  • Some people think the bike seat could be better

Avon Cycles

Avon Cycles was founded in 1945 and is headquartered in India. They specialize in making bicycles for kids and adults so you can get the perfect Bike regardless of age. They also carry a wide range of accessories, from helmets to lights so that you can customize your ride as much as possible.

Avon Cycles

Their website shows all the available models, ranging from mountain bikes to electric bikes. Their prices start at 6,000 INR and can go up to 24,000 INR depending on your chosen model.

Here are some of their most popular bike models:

  • Avon Falcon 21S MTB With Disc Brake
  • Avon Metro Lite 26T with Shimano Gears
  • Avon ACE 26T with Alloy Frame

Quick Info

Founded ByKrishan Kumar & Company
Founded in1945
Price RangeRs. 6,000 – Rs. 24,000+


  • Affordable price range
  • Durability and performance-tested parts
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Good after-sales service
  • Variety of accessories available for customization


  • Some models can be heavy to ride

Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles is one of the world’s oldest and most respected bike brands. Founded in 1972, Giant has been making bicycles for over 45 years and is now a global leader in bicycle technology and design. Their bikes are made from high-quality materials like carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, titanium, and steel.

Giant Bicycles

They offer various bike types for riders, from mountain bikers to road racers. Their prices range from 5,000 INR to 60,000 INR, depending on the model and accessories you choose.

Here are some of their most popular bike models:

  • Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 with Shimano Ultegra Di2
  • Giant Trance Advanced 1 with Shimano SLX
  • Giant ATX 27.5 2 Disc

Quick Info

  • Founded in 1972
  • Over 45 years of experience
  • A global leader in bicycle technology and design


  • High-quality materials used for construction
  • Variety of bike types to choose from
  • Affordable prices
  • Good after-sales service
  • Variety of accessories available for customization


  • Most models are expensive 

Urban Terrain 

Urban Terrain makes great gear bikes for kids and grown-ups, perfect for 15-year-olds.

These bikes can go on all kinds of roads and places. UT bikes are well-liked because they are high quality and work well.

The cool thing about this bike company is that they help their customers with bike problems for free. They also give free diet advice for people who want to be healthy and fit.

Urban Terrain

Urban Terrain started in 2016. They use new ways to fix new bike problems. They know what’s best for the people who ride their bikes.

You can see all their products on their website. If you want to buy one of their great gear bikes, you must order it online because they don’t have stores.

Their gear bikes are priced well and cost between 8000 and 20000 rupees.

Here are some of their bikes:

  • Urban Terrain UT1000
  • Urban Terrain UT3000
  • Urban Terrain UT6000 Series

Quick Facts:

Sells inIndia and Sri Lanka
Price RangeRs. 4,000 – Rs. 40,000


  • Great for beginners
  • Free two-month OneFitPlus app subscription
  • Excellent disk brakes
  • Free bike setup service (within 48 hours from delivery)
  • Safe and reliable double-disc brakes
  • Free 3-month diet & fitness plan for every UT bike owner


  • Some bikes need mudguards.

Buying Guide – How to Select a Perfect Gear Cycle Brand?

When picking the best bike brand, all the gear bike brands I mentioned make excellent, top-quality bikes. You can choose any of them, and consider how much you want to spend. Here’s how to pick the best bike brand:

The Purpose of Getting a Bicycle

If you want to get a bike, you need to know why you want to ride. Maybe you want to ride to school or work, exercise, go up and down hills, race, or ride around town. When you know why you want to ride, picking the right bike brand is more accessible.

For example, if you want a bike with gears for riding to school or work, Hercules, Firefox, Ninety One, and OMO Bikes, all make good bikes that can do that.

Choosing the Brand as per your Budget

Every bike brand is unique, and so are their bike models. That’s why they all have different prices. So, when you’re picking a bike company, make sure to choose one that fits your budget. We’ve already told you how much each brand’s bikes can cost so that you can see that above.

Extra Perks and Benefits might have your attention

Different bike companies offer particular things to the people who buy their bikes. You need to figure out these extraordinary things to choose the best Bike for you.

For example, some bike companies give you:

  • A promise to fix the bike frame forever
  • A free-air pump
  • Free use of a health and fitness app
  • Free help setting up your Bike at home
  • Free extras like a mudguard, side stand, and water bottle
  • Sometimes a headlight comes with the Bike
  • A helmet to keep you safe while riding
  • Some brands have disc brakes on their bikes, but not all do

So, list all the cool things each bike company offers. Then, you can pick the best one for you!

Spare Parts Availability

A bike is something you pedal to make it go. But sometimes, things might go wrong. The tire might pop, the brakes could break, or something else might make your bike stop working. Then you need extra parts to fix your Bike. But where can you get them?

Some new bike brands only use their parts; you need help finding them in stores. So remember this when you’re picking a bike brand and Bike.

Select Cycles from selected brands.

After you do the steps we talked about, you can pick your favorite bike brand. You can also look at different bike models from these brands and choose the best one.

Various Type

Various Types of Gear Cycle

There are tons of different types of gear cycles. Let’s dive straight into them and see how they work!

  1. Single Speed Gears: These bikes have just one gear. They’re straightforward, making them great for beginners or riding in flat areas.
  2. Fixed Gears: These bikes also have only one gear, but the difference is that you can’t coast on a fixed-gear bike. This means you have to keep pedaling whenever the Bike is moving.
  3. Hub Gears: These bikes have gears inside the rear wheel’s hub. They’re good because they’re protected from dirt and damage, but they can be heavier than other types of bikes.
  4. Derailleur Gears: Most bikes have this type of gear. The gears are on the outside of the Bike, and you change them by moving a chain up and down a set of sprockets. Derailleur gears give you many options for how hard or easy it is to pedal.
  5. Mountain Bike Gears: Mountain bikes usually have lots of low gears so that you can climb steep hills. They also have a few high bags for going downhill or riding on flat ground.
  6. Road Bike Gears: Road bikes typically have a range of high gears for fast riding on smooth roads. They might not have as many low gears as mountain bikes since they’re not designed for climbing steep hills.
  7. Hybrid Bike Gears: Hybrid bikes are a mix of road and mountain bikes, so they have a good range of high and low gear.

Each type of gear has a different function and is helpful in different situations. The right one for you depends on where and how you plan to ride your Bike. For example, a single-speed or road bike gear might be best if you ride mostly on flat roads. But a mountain bike or hybrid bike gear could be a better choice if you’re climbing many hills.

Remember, the most important thing is to pick a bike and gear system that feels comfortable for you and suits your riding style!

Final Words

All the top bike companies I talked about make excellent bikes with many cool parts. The best thing about them is that they’re all friendly to people who buy their bikes, and you can find one that fits your money. That’s why they’re the best! So, what are you waiting for? Go pick out the perfect bike company right now.

Also, remember to read the guide for beginners on how to buy a bike with gears (it’s up there). It will help you find the best bike company for you.


What is the best gear cycle in India?

Even if you’re starting, getting a good bike is essential. Having a great time when you ride should be the most important thing for everyone, whether you’re new or have been riding for a long time. So, picking the best Bike with gears is very important. Some good bikes are the Hercules Roadeo A275 Bike, Hero Sprint, MACH CITY IBIKE 7 SPEED, Urban Terrain UT1000 Series, and Ninety-one Defeatr Pro.

Which is the best gear cycle company in India?

Hero, Ninety-One, Firefox, Hercules, and OMO are some of the best companies in India that make bikes with gears. Their prices are from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 40000. So if you’re trying to find a great bike with bags from the best bike brands in India, you’ve got your answer!

Where to find gear cycles offline?

If you need clarification on a bike and want to buy it from a store, you can look for nearby shops that sell bikes. Or you can use Google to find the store’s website and see if they have the Bike you want.

How to select a brand from all these best gear brands?

To pick the right Bike, think about what you want it to look like, how you’ll use it, what bikes are available, and how much money you have. You can trust that they’re all excellent quality.

For example:

  1. Choose some of the best bikes with gears from India’s top 10 bike companies.
  2. See which ones match what you need and what you can get.
  3. If you need help, read the guide for beginners on buying a bike.

It will help you find the right one.

What to look for when choosing a geared bicycle?

The kind of street you’ll be biking on, why you want to ride a bike, and how much money you can spend will help you figure out how many gears and speeds your bike needs. It’s like choosing a superhero power; you must pick the one that is right for you!

How are the after-sales services of these brands?

Many of these companies are friendly to those who buy things from them. They ensure you’re happy even after purchasing something, which makes for a great time. So, there’s no need to worry. If you want to learn more, you can visit their official websites.

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